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golden amboin

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Culture of Yellow Phalaenopsis, Howard Ginsberg, Bedford Orchids, 29 Sep 99
... . Of course, Brother Stage is a Taipei Gold cross (x Golden Amboin). There are also Deventeriaina, and its cross to Taipei Gold, Brother ... one of the best (and largest) yellows was Golden Sands. It was bred to amboinensis (Golden Amboin) and gigantea (Liu Tuen-Shen). Neither of ... be crossed to do this? What is the cross of Golden Sands? Howard Golden Sands is Fenton Davis Avant, a large white, and a ...

Breeding Yellow Phalaenopsis, Howard Ginsberg, Bedford Orchids, 4 Aug 99
... Moler; Golden Buddha, Deventeriana; Taipei Gold; Golden Sands. Then you start combining them in various combinations and permutations (including breeding to species to intensify color) and you get Golden Amboin, Liu Tuen ... Lawrence, all the great yellows are in the background: Barbara Moler, Deventeriana, Taipei Gold, Golden Amboin,etc The one thing about Taida Lawrence and I've only seen about a ...
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