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genera palmarum

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Genera Palmarum
... Genera Palmarum SOLD OUT A revised edition is in progress. Genera Palmarum A Classification of Palms Based on the Work of Harold E. Moore Jr. 600 pages, 400 Illustrations Order Genera Palmarum ... palms. Some palms are also severely threatened by habitat destruction and overexplotation. In Genera Palmarum, the morphology, anatomy, ecology and distribution, fossil record, and evolution of the palms ...

Palms (Arecaceae): Literature Useful To The Study Of Florida Plants
... South Florida. Published by the author. 251 p. Uhl, Natalie W. and John Dransfield. 1987. Genera palmarum: a classification of palms based on the work of Harold E. Moore, Jr. L.H ...

International Palm Society -- Growing Palm Trees Worldwide
... of Thailand The Palms of New Caledonia/Les Palmiers de Nouvelle-CalÚdonie Palms of Trinidad Genera Palmarum Chamaedorea Palms Madagascar Palms Palms of Eldorado Find palms, seeds, and artwork available from IPS ...

What's in a (Botanical) Name?
... names are all in uppercase italics. I have based determinations of validity on Genera Palmarum (Uhl & Dransfield, 1987), Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas (Henderson, Galeano & ... Dransfield & Beentje, 1995). The last two works revise (and invalidate) several of the genera considered valid in Genera Palmarum. The abbreviations "(Gr.)" and "(L.)" indicate "Greek" and "Latin" respectively; and ...

Chapter 8: Horticulture, Article 5
... (13, 14). There is extensive research relating to pollen extraction and preservation in the cocoid genera Cocos and Elaeis (10, 15, 16). There is a widely adapted medium available for testing ... a colchicine lactose medium. Stain Technology 39:99-106. Uhl, N.W. & Dransfield, J. 1987. Genera Palmarum. Allen Press, Lawrence, KS. Whitehead, R.A. 1963. The processing of coconut pollen. Euphytica 12 ...
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