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fuel aquilegia

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Leaf burn times of California native plants
... Anaphalis margaritacea >60 Anemopsis californica >60 leaves develop water blisters Aquilegia eximia no fuel Aquilegia formosa no fuel Aquilegia pubescens no fuel Aquilegia shockleyi no fuel Arbutus menziesii >60 15 Manzanitas are all over the ... >60 lit once in 5 tries Physocarpus capitatus 5 1 low to moderate fuel load Pickeringia montana >60 Pinus attenuata 15 Pinus flexilis 20 Pinus jeffreyi 40 ...

Floridata: Plants That Attract Hummingbirds
... agility fascinate us and bring action to the garden. Hummingbirds need high-energy fuel and they get it from the nectar that certain flowers produce. In return, ... Mexican sage, velvet sage Salvia lyrata lyreleaf sage, cancerweed Annuals   Antirrhinum majus common snapdragon Aquilegia canadensis wild columbine, Canada columbine Consolida ajacis larkspur, rocket larkspur, annual delphinium Impatiens ...

Somerset County Park Commission
... sugars or fatty lipids providing necessary nourishment during the time of year the fuel is needed most. In early summer, when parent birds are busy feeding their young ... fruitdark blue fruit HERBACEOUS WILDFLOWERS BENEFICIAL TO WILDLIFE Botanical name Common name Food provided Aquilegia canadensis Asclepias incarnata Aster species Agastache foeniculum Chelone sp. Echinacea purpurea Eupatorium sp. ...