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frit house

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Scottish Rock Garden Club - >Bulb Log
... seed is just emerging. Bulb house Now into the next glass house: the 'Bulb house': this used to be our alpine house but was gradually taken over ... this is the frit house which I will look at next week.) As you can see all the bulbs in the Bulb House are also growing ... technique from the slugs in the first place. Bulb house left The plunges in the bulb house are not laid out in any particular order; ...

Scottish Rock Garden Club - >Bulb Log
... serve my needs very well. Frit house 08.01.06 There is very little growth showing above ground in the frit house but I still have to ... Tecophilaea shoots emerging I also keep some of our Tecophilaeas in the frit house; these are in plastic pots sitting on top of the sand plunge ... too dry at this time of the year. Focal range in bulb house One more example of the versatility of the great zoom range ...
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