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francois juranville

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Francois Juranville
... Francois Juranville web hosting domain names photo sharing Francois Juranville Rambler Francois Juranville is a very vigorous rambler. It was planted as a small rooted cutting in June ...

A Tour of My Garden
... Grootendorst Terese Bugnet Various shrub roses Applejack Austrian Copper Darlow's Enigma Dortmund rosa Foetida Francois Juranville Fruhlingsgold seedling of Fruhlingsgold Harison's Yellow Queen of the Prairies Nymphenburg Scarlet Meidiland Sea ...
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Wichuriana Ramblers on The Rose Garden
... blush pink. Leaves are characteristically rounded. Francois Juranville is sometimes called "a more refined Albertine". Summer-flowering, deep pink and more characteristically Wichuraiana than its cousin. Francois Poisson is an interesting near-relative ...

Rose Exchange
... pinkie Crimson shower Darlow's enigma Debutante Dorothy perkins Felicite et perpetue Frances e. Lester Francois juranville Gardenia Ghislaine de feligonde Goldfinch Hiawatha Island cloud Island pearl Kaitlyn ainsley Kew rambler Kiftsgate ...

The Roserie
The Roserie Francois Juranville Also a Rosa Wichuraiana hybrid, it can be mistaken for Albertine, but is a clearer pink. First released by Barbier in 1906. This climber is a heavy bloomer, with one spectacular flowering, each year.

Elko County Rose Garden
... in Orleans produced the most popular Ramblers of the century, including 'Albertine', Alexander Girault', and 'Francois Juranville'. He created 23 Climbers and Ramblers." (Olds, 1998) Harkness rates '***'. "One of the best roses ... - Classification List
... Red, Rambler 1909 "Florence Rambler" lp Light Pink, Rambler "Found Fancy" mp Medium Pink, Rambler Francois Juranville op Orange Pink, Rambler 1906 Frau Eva Schubert mp Medium Pink, Rambler 1937 Fraulein Octavia ...

SJHRG Roses, by Hybridizer A-Br
... HWich (Wichuriana Hybrid) 1900 Barbier Francois Foucard HWich (Wichuriana Hybrid) 1900 Barbier Leontine Gervais HWich (Wichuriana Hybrid) 1904 Barbier Jean Guichard HWich (Wichuriana Hybrid) 1905 Barbier Francois Juranville HWich (Wichuriana Hybrid) 1906 Barbier ...

SJHRG Roses, by Date; 1867-1925
... (Hybrid Tea) 1895 Pernet-Ducher E. Veyrat Hermanos (attr. Robinson) N (Noisette) 1895 Bernaix Francois Coppee HP (Hybrid Perpetual) 1895 Led‚chaux Greenmantle E (Eglantine Hybrid) 1895 Penzance ... (Tea) 1906 Schmidt, J. C. Evangeline (in trade as) HWich (Wichuriana Hybrid) 1906 Walsh Francois Juranville HWich (Wichuriana Hybrid) 1906 Barbier Niles Cochet T (Tea) 1906 California Nursery Co. ...
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The Ventura County Rose Society - McFarland Revisited
... * Etoile de Holland * Etoile de Lyon * Eugene E. Marlitt * Feu Joseph Looymons * F. J. Grootendorst * Francois Juranville * General John Pershing * + General Jacqueminot * Gloria Mundi * General MacArthur * Gruss an Aachen * Gruss an Coburg ...

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