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encyclia tampensis

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Long and Frequently Blooming Orchids
... Encyclia prismatocarpa) pyriforme (Encyclia pyriformis) radicans (ibaguense) schomburgkii (splendens) schumanianum selligerum (atrorubens) (Encyclia selligera) skinneri (fuschii) spectabile months stamfordianum (cycnostalix) stellatum (Encyclia stellata) stenopetalum (lamellatum) successive tampense (Encyclia tampensis ...

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... includes the following Featured Encyclia Articles: Encyclia belizensis Epidendrum Butch Luce (Enc. cordigera x Enc. alata) Encyclia chacaoensis Encyclia chapadensis Encyclia dasilvae Encyclia dichroma Encyclia ionosma Encyclia megalantha Encyclia naranjapatensis Encyclia polybulbon Encyclia randiana Encyclia rhynchophora Encyclia tampensis Encyclia trachycarpa Encyclia tripunctata Questions about ...

Featured Encyclia
... to on-line Newsletters, Slideshows, and More! Click Membership Info to find out how. Encyclia tampensis Synonyms: Epidendrum porphyrospilum Rchb.f 1877; Epidendrum tampense Lindley 1847 Article and Photographs by ... A Florida native as well as the Bahamas and as a variety Cuba [encyclia tampense var amesiana], Encyclia tampensis is a warm to cool growing epiphyte found at elevations of sea level ...
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... , but fuller. More floriferous, and easier to grow than Barkeria. Truly best of both worlds. Encyclia radiata I grow this with the Cymbidiums (pretty much full sun). It has the powerful ... rich chestnut color. Encyclia tampensis (Epi. tampense) Color is green-brown (the brown develops more as the flowers mature) Encyclia belizensis A bit more red in the flowers than Enc. tampensis. The two look ...

Everglades Trekking, Steve Moss and Don Carpenter, 16 Sep 98
... a certain type appearing in clusters over a favored area. Easy to find species include: Encyclia tampensis and Enc. boothiana; harder to find are Onc. luridum, Epi. nocturnum and Polystachia concreta and ... luridums are larger and much more colorful than the varieties from the tropics further south. Encyclia tampensis blooms in June. The Anhinga Trail provides easy access to see them as well as ...

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... * Doritis pulcherrima C* Dracula bella* Dracula bella* Dracula bella* Dracula bella* Dracula bella* Encyclia aromatica* Encyclia phoenicea* Encyclia phoenicea* Encyclia tampensis* Encyclia vespa* Epidendrum ciliare* Epidendrum ciliare* Epidendrum ciliare* Epidendrum ciliare* Epidendrum diffusum* Epidendrum fulgens* Epidendrum ...

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... ligiae Encyclia adenocaula Species information Encyclia bracteata Species information Encyclia diota v atrorubers 'Dianne' HCC/AOS Species information Encyclia hanburii Species information Encyclia parviflora Species information Encyclia prismatocarpum Species information Encyclia selligera Species information Encyclia tampensis Species information Encyclia tampensis var ...

Napa Valley Orchid Society
... Newsletter archives 2006 Show results Links to other websites Webmaster: Maintained by Websplasher web design Encyclia tampensis Photo by Richard Lindberg Species information Next Picture Back to 'Pictures'
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Sheet List- Encyclia to Ephippium
... Encyclia selligera (Bateman ex Lindley) Schlechter Encyclia semiaptera Hágsater -- as Pollardia semiaperta (Hágsater) Withner & Harding Encyclia serroniana (Barbosa-Rodrigues) Hoehne -- as E. odoratissima (Lindley) Schlechter Encyclia suaveolens Dressler Encyclia tampensis (Lindley) Small Encyclia tripunctata (Lindley) Dressler Encyclia ...

Sheet List- Epidendrum
... (Jacquin) R. Brown Epidendrum linearifolium Hooker -- as Encyclia bractescens (Lindley) Hoehne Epidendrum lineatum Salisbury -- as Encyclia fragrans (Swartz) Lemeé Epidendrum loddigesii Rchb. f. ... f. -- as Encyclia tampensis (Lindley) Small Epidendrum primulinum Bateman ex Lindley -- as Encyclia rufa (Lindley) Britton & Millspaugh Epidendrum prismatocarpum Rchb. f. -- as Encyclia prismatocarpa (Rchb ...
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