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Draba aizoides
... Draba aizoides Draba aizoides Two plants in above photo, a small one with one flower stem just below ...

draba genus
... or silicles, breaks open at maturity to release the seeds (dihiscent). Draba is a diverse genus of annuals and perennials. Their forms include ... D. dedeana). Some are orange-red (D. matthioloides). There is a Draba for every imaginable combination of growing conditions in a rock ... have labels in the garden that say things like 'not Draba dedeana' (photo on the right). To compound the frustration, ...

Draba haynaldii
... Draba haynaldii Draba haynaldii Species: Draba haynaldii Growth habit: cluster of tufts Size of plant not in bloom: 4 cm Flower ... : easy, warm How long in current location & conditions?: since July 2004 Other: a big, beefy Draba Photos and data submitted by: SL
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Draba oligosperma
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My SPGM gallery
... ] Campanula [5 pictures] Centaurea [2 pictures] Corydalis [3 pictures] Cyclamen [1 picture] Daphne [4 pictures] Draba [2 pictures] Eriogonum [2 pictures - 1 ] Gentiana [8 pictures] Iris [5 pictures] Orchids [9 pictures ...

Angiosperm Families - Cruciferae Juss.
... , Alyssum, Arabis, Brassica, Capsella, Cardamine, Descurainia, Diceratella, Draba, Erysimum, Erucastrum, Farsetia, Fortuynia, Leavenworthia, Lepidium, Lesquerella, Matthiola, ... Dilophia, Dimorphocarpa, Diplotaxis, Dipoma, Diptychocarpus, Dithyrea, Dolichirhynchus, Dontostemon, Douepea, Draba, Drabastrum, Drabopsis, Dryopetalon, Eigia, Elburzia, Enarthrocarpus, Englerocharis, Eremobium, Eremoblastus ...

Alpines from seed
... alpine), Crocus, Fritillaria, Gentiana, Iris, Lewisia, Paraquilegia, Saxifraga Spring - Calceolaria, Campanula (low alt), Codonopsis, Dianthus, Draba, Ericaceae, Erysimum, Meconopsis (Feb), Phlox, Raoulia The seed of some genera either do not store ...

Growing from Seed - GardenWeb
... :51 3 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, Jul 9, 05 at 8:55 draba -brunnifolia- groundcover Posted by: cheerpeople 5a on Wed, May 25, 05 at 14:22 3 ...

The Border in Early Spring: Part 1
... purple tipped with yellow. Growing conditions are similar to those of the Siberian fritillaria. Perennials Draba aizoon is among the earliest perennials to bloom. It is a tufted alpine plant only ...

Chinese Names in MO Publications
... (Brassicaceae) from China and India (PDF) AL-SHEHBAZ, I. A. 2002. Six new species of Draba (Brassicaceae) from the Himalayas (PDF) AL-SHEHBAZ, I. A. 2004. Novelties and Notes on Miscellaneous Asian Brassicaceae (PDF) AL-SHEHBAZ, I. A. 2004. Two New Species of Draba (Brassicaceae): D. mieheorum from Tibet and D. sagasteguii from Peru (PDF) AL-SHEHBAZ, I. A ...

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