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distal pole

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Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology - Introduction
... ). Drawings of pollen grains or spores seen in equatorial view are always shown with the distal pole uppermost. Features of ornamentation are generally illustrated by a surface view on the left and ...

Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology - New terms
... W version will fit in the 1994 book. In all drawings, the distal pole is on top, the proximal pole at the bottom, unless otherwise specified. e = equatorial view, p = ... long axis of the pollen grain on the distal face. Examples: Metroxylon salomonense (Palmae) (equatorial disulcate), Chamaerops humilis (Palmae) (distal disulcate). See also: dicolpate, dicolporate, diporate, geminicolpate. Exine 1 ...
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Populus balsamifera L
... roots and new shoots. Older cuttings frequently take longer to root than younger cuttings. The distal portion of the current year's growth may root more poorly than the basal part ... top. Angle of divergence of first-order branches is 30 to 40 (37). Sapling and Pole Stages to Maturity Growth and Yield -Large balsam poplar throughout much of the range may ...

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