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The Cyclamen Society
The Cyclamen Society This document requires a browser that can view frames.

Cyclamen in Bloom
Cyclamen in Bloom *ブログ更新中* 2006年10月11日 活動予定を更新しました。重要!! 2006年09月19日 シクラメンの販売を開始いたしました。 2005年07月01日 インフォブログ(独り言日記)をはじめました。 2005年11月23日 活動予定を更新しました。

Cyclamen in Bloom|原種シクラメンとは?
... Cyclamen in Bloom|原種シクラメンとは? 原種のシクラメンは、 ...
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Diseases of Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum Mill.)
... Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum Mill.) Title Page Table of Contents Search Common Names of Plant Diseases Diseases of Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum Mill.) R. Wick and B. Dicklow, primary ... (Zinssmeister) Scholten Cylindrocladiella root rot Cylindrocladiella peruviana (Batista, Bezerra & Herrera) Boesewinkel Cyclamen stunt Ramularia cyclaminicola Trel. Damping-off Phoma exigua Desmaz. Fusarium root ...

Poisonous House Plants - Cyclamen
... Poisonous House Plants - Cyclamen Poisonous House Plants Common names Cyclamen Botanical name Cyclamen persicum Poisonous parts Bulb, Rhizomes Toxins Cyclamin A Notes The tuberous rhizomes are bitter and ...

... mostly intraspecific) hybrids. Mr. Grey-Wilson recognizes a new species since writing his 1988 book-Cyclamen colchicum-raising the total species count from 19 to 20. Also, he recognizes three ... of its overall improved quality over its predecessor. The current volume contains extensive information on cyclamen species, varieties and cultivars as well as sources for seeds and plants, information which ...

Questions On Cyclamen
... I live in Zone 5 and have several established beds of cyclamen hederifolium and cyclamen coum. Within the next year or so, I will ... read with interest the letter and comments regarding the Cyclamen plant. I, too, have had a Cyclamen (purchased from the florist) for three or four ... What can I do to save my cyclamen? (E-mail reference, St. George, Utah) A: Cyclamen plants are beautiful to get as gifts ...

Cyclamen Cyclamen(Cyclamen persicum) Contact: Diane Relf, Extension Specialist, Environmental Horticulture August 1996 DESCRIPTION: Thick leaves are round ... with wide range of colors. PROBLEMS: Root rot: Don't let plant sit in water. Cyclamen mites: Wash and apply miticide. Isolate. Buy only non-infected plants. High temperature damage: Place ...

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... | report abuse/spam | help the entire directory only in C/Cyclamen Top: Home: Gardening: Plants: C: Cyclamen (1) Description See also: Home: Gardening: Plants: Alpines (21) ... Primulaceae: Cyclamen (4) Mark's Inspiring Plants: Cyclamen Pages - English gardener presents information, personal observations, and numerous photos of various cyclamen species growing in his alpine pots. "Cyclamen" search ...

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Open Directory - Home:Gardening:Plants:C:Cyclamen home | help Top: Home: Gardening: Plants: C: Cyclamen Cyclamen is a genus of herbaceous tuberous perennial plants. Some species are commonly grown as houseplants, ...
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