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Crinodendron patagua Mol.
... Crinodendron patagua Mol. Crinodendron patagua Mol. Crinodendron dependens (Ruiz & Pav.) Schneid. - Tricuspidaria dependens Ruiz & Pav. Elaeocarpaceae Evergreen shrub to small tree in ... : Chile Other views: Flowers, Fruit Cultivated: France Author: Frédéric Tournay Not found! Ethnobotanical aspects of Crinodendron patagua by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list

Crinodendron hookerianum
... Crinodendron hookerianum Crinodendron hookerianum Mol. Tricuspidaria lanceolata (Ruiz & Pav.) Elaeocarpaceae Medium sized, evergreen shrub with erect habit. Ovate, ... : Chile Other views: Leaves, fruits Cultivated: Tasmania Author: Rainer Oberle Not found! Ethnobotanical aspects of Crinodendron hookerianum by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list
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Growing from Seed - GardenWeb
... at 15:38 1 follow-up, posted on Mon, Aug 28, 06 at 19:36 Crinodendron seed capsules Posted by: marian_anne on Sun, Aug 27, 06 at 16:18 1 follow ...

Catalogue 1
... . Makes a good ground cover on pots and containers of bulbs. Not too fussy. Crinodendron patagua € Crinodendron hookerianum Lantern Bush € Large evergreen bush. Height 15ft. Sun to quite deep shade ...

HORTICOPIA® Plant Information
... Corytoplectus Cosmos Costus Cotinus Cotoneaster Cotula Cotyledon Couroupita Coursetia Crambe Craspedia Crassula Crataegus Crepis Crescentia Crinodendron Crinum Crithmum Crocosmia Crocus Crossandra Crossopetalum Crowea Cryptanthus Cryptocarya Cryptomeria Cryptotaenia Crysophila Ctenanthe Cucumis Cucurbita ...

RBGE: Seasonal Highlights
... to show off the genus at its best. The flowers on Chilean shrubs such as Crinodendron hookerianum, Desfontainea spinosa and Embothrium coccineum are at their best in summer. Autumn Examples of ...

RBGE: Features of Logan Botanic Garden
... is planted with recent introductions from RBGE expeditions to Chile, such as species of Drimys, Crinodendron, Berberis, Embothrium, Desfontainea, Eucryphia and Lobelia. The Discovery Centre Information about the work of Logan ...
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Botanic Garden
... history Garden staff Pictures found in this page: Inula salicina and Mackaya bella Crinodendron hookerianum Erica mackiana Paeonia mlokosewitschii Ranunculus gramineus Viburnum X bodnantense Main function of ... for exchange with other gardens, arboreta and bona fide individuals every two years. Crinodendron hookerianum - An attractive tree or large shrub with red flowers which hang like laterns ...

Seed Images
... Bush Lupinus hybrid Lupin Zantedeschia Arum lily Mahonia aquifolia Oregon Grape Carica quercifolia Pawpaw, Papaya Crinodendron patagua Robinia pseudoacacia False Acacia Cercis siliquastrum Judas Tree Passiflora edulis Passsionfruit Mandevilla laxa Chilean ...

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