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bulking agents

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OSU Extension Service and Agricultural Research Station News
... bulking agents. Energy materials are typically green and soft. They are a nutritious, easy-to-digest meal for microorganisms. Examples include grass clippings or flower and vegetable trimmings. Compost pile bulking agents are typically rigid, woody materials that are low in readily decomposable carbohydrates. The low-carb bulking agents add air space ...

Growing Potatoes in the Florida Home Garden
... stolons (underground stems), but have not enlarged. This usually happens before the plant flowers. Tuber bulking: tubers enlarge, and sugars and starches accumulate. Maturation: the tubers are at full size, and ... Florida. UF/IFAS retains all rights under all conventions, but permits free reproduction by all agents and offices of the Cooperative Extension Service and the people of the State of Florida ...

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... yellow fruiting body attached to the distal end of stems of plants that have started bulking. Wilting and complete defoliation are some of the symptoms of the disease. At harvest all ... workshops will feature prominently in 2005. Workshops and field days are planned for Agricultural Extension Agents and Cassava growing farmers in different farming communities in the Kpando, Nkwanta, Jasikan and Hohoe ...