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Bulbine diphylla
Bulbine diphylla Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings / Bulbine diphylla Author - Tomas Kriz

Bulbine haworthioides
Bulbine haworthioides Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings / Bulbine haworthioides Author - Tomas Kriz
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Bulbine List
... Bulbine List Bulbine SPECIES SOURCE Bulbine caulescens UCI Arboretum Bulbine frutescens Alberto Grossi Bulbine haworthioides Panos & Stavros Bulbine margarethae UCI Arboretum Bulbine mesembryanthemoides Panos & Stavros Bulbine species UCI Arboretum Bulbine species 2 UCI Arboretum Bulbine species 3 Panos Dimopoulos Bulbine ...

Bulbine caulescens
Bulbine caulescens Bulbine caulescens Courtesy UC Irvine Arboretum Courtesy UC Irvine Arboretum Courtesy UC Irvine Arboretum
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Bulbine abyssinica
... Bulbine abyssinica Bulbine abyssinica A.Rich. Family : Asphodelaceae Common names : bushy bulbine ( Eng. ); geelkatstert, wildekopieva (Afr.); ibhucu (Zulu); intelezi (Xhosa); moetsa-mollo (Sotho) The bushy bulbine, Bulbine ... traditional medicine to treat dysentery, bilharzia and cracked lips. Growing Bulbine abyssinica Bulbine abyssinica can be used very effectively as either an accent plant ...

Bulbine frutescens
... contains black seeds which are dispersed by wind (Ernst van Jaarsveld pers.comm.). Distribution Bulbine frutescens occurs widespread throughout parts of Northern Cape, Western and Eastern Cape; however, it ... attract bees. The plants are very variable in leaf length. Uses and cultural aspects Bulbine frutescens is often used in landscaping where a drought-resistant, tough groundcover is required. ...
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Angiosperm Families - Asphodelaceae Juss.
... . C3 physiology recorded directly in Asphodelus, Bulbine. CAM recorded directly in Aloë, Astroloba, Bulbine, Gasteria, Haworthia, Poellnitzia. Geography, cytology. Holarctic, ... (including Aloinella Lemée), Guillauminia, Lemeea), Asphodeline, Asphodelus, Astroloba, Bulbine, Bulbinella, Bulbinopsis, Chamaealoë, Chortolirion, Eremurus, Gasteria, Haworthia, Hemiphylacus(?), Herpolirion(?), ...

Shade loving plants for AZ gardeners - Arizona Gardening
... breast aloe Aloe vera Aloe saponaria Aloe striata - Coral aloe Aqueligia chrysantha - Golden yellow columbine - Bulbine frutescens - Bulbine Calylophus hartwegii - Calylophus Cissus trifoliata - Arizona grape ivy Cuphea llavea - Bat-faced Cuphea Cycas ...

Clematis Forum - GardenWeb
... at 10:55 1 follow-up, posted on Mon, Jun 20, 05 at 13:32 bulbine? Posted by: meadowview1 z7-8 SC on Mon, Jun 20, 05 at 11:10 1 ...

Open Directory - Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Liliopsida: Liliaceae
... (1) Asparagus (11) Asphodelus (2) Aspidistra (1) Astelia (1) Astroloba (1) Bowiea (1) Bulbine (2) Calochortus (0) Chlorophytum (1) Convallaria (2) Cordyline (3) Dianella (3) Drimiopsis (1) ... - Dedicated to the Southern African succulent plants of the family asphodelaceae, including aloe, bulbine, gasteria, and haworthia. Trip reports, and list of references. Description of Trilliaceae - ...

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