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brent mishler

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Green Plant Phylogeny Home Page: "Deep Green"
... which Tortula ruralis and other desiccation tolerant plants regenerate after extreme drought. Last modified: Comments: Brent Mishler, This site selected by the following indices of quality web sites:

Deep Green
... other algal lineages made the transition from water to land. Commentary by UC Berkeley's Brent Mishler and Louisiana State's Russell Chapman. The Advocate ONLINE May 29, 2001 Article on Cephaleuros ... or listen to radio interview with Brent Mishler Botany at About.Com Story on Deep Green; review of principles of cladistics Botany at About.Com Interview with Brent Mishler (external link) New York Times ...
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CalFlora - Summary 2005
... to get in touch with us. (Location checklists are a priority this year.) Write to Brent Mishler ( bmishler at ), director of the UC and Jepson Herbaria, and ask him ...

... .             c.  A membership drive has been started to increase ABLS membership, to be led by Brent Mishler.  We will be sending out a flyer in the British Bryological Society (BBS) and other ... sign up all of their graduate students.  This suggestion was strongly seconded by Nancy Slack.  Mishler indicated that this should be a “conscious campaign”, similar to the current BSA campaign.  James ...

Tree of Life Branch Coordinators
... of Alberta, Canada. Dicranidae. Liston, Aaron Oregon State University. Pinus Metzgar, Jordan Duke University. Ferns Mishler, Brent University of California, Berkeley. Mosses Newton, Angela The Natural History Museum London. Mosses Price, Robert ...

Untitled Document
... NY STATE MUSEUM ALBANY NY 12230-0001 (518) 486-2010 nmiller2[at] BRENT D. MISHLER DEPT OF INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY CA 94720-2465 (510) 642-2465 ...

Open Directory - Science: Biology: Botany: Bryology
... Fauna: Plantae: Bryophyta (170) Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Hepaticophyta (74) Bryolab - Information about Brent Mishler's research at the University of California, Berkeley. Bryolich - The Swiss bryology and lichenology page ...

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