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Texas Betony at the San Antonio Botanical Garden
Texas Betony at the San Antonio Botanical Garden Garden Guide/Texas Natives-Plants Garden Guide | Plant Care | Texas Natives | Watersavers TEXAS BETONY (Stachys coccinea) Back to the Native-Plants Page - A Modern Herbal | Betony, Wood - Herb Profile and Information
... com - A Modern Herbal | Betony, Wood - Herb Profile and Information Betony, Wood Stachys officinalis Click on graphic for larger image Betony, Wood Botanical: Stachys Betonica (BENTH.), Betonica officinalis (LINN.) Family N ... virtues of it: "More than all this have been proved of Betony." ' In addition to its medicinal virtues, Betony was endowed with power against evil spirits. On this account, it ... - A Modern Herbal | Betony, Water - Herb Profile and Information
... - A Modern Herbal | Betony, Water - Herb Profile and Information Betony, Water See FIGWORT, WATER. Common Name Index A MODERN HERBAL Home Page Bear in mind " ...
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Stachys - lamb's ear, betony
... | | perennials | | tools, books, & gifts | | FAQ | | nursery | | journal | | gardening forums | Stachys (STAY-kiss). Lamb's ear, Betony. - Soil: Any average to rich, well-drained Blooms: Summer Zones: Varies by type At the ... is tolerant of heat and humidity. Zones 4 - 7. S. macrantha (aka S. grandiflora), big betony. 12 - 18". This species has dark green, heart-shaped leaves with scalloped edges and ...

A Modern Herbal - Editor's Introduction
... more, but such useful plants as Agrimony, Slippery Elm, Horehound, Bistort, Poplar, Bur Marigold, Wood Betony, Wood Sanicle, Wild Carrot, Raspberry leaves, and the Sarsaparillas are now only used by Herbalists ...

Weeds in Florida (SP 37)
... vesicaria (Jacq.) Ell. Hemp Sesbania, Sesbania exaltata (Raf.) Cory Horse-nettle, Solanum carolinense L. Florida Betony, Stachys floridana Shuttlew. Return to... Handbooks and Guides Weed Management Guides Weed Management

Bog Gardens - GardenWeb
... , last one posted on Wed, Mar 9, 05 at 15:22 Stachys palustris (aka Marsh betony) Posted by: BraSpadya z7a MD on Sat, Mar 5, 05 at 23:48 2 follow ...

Can't Get You Out of My Head
... from include Skullcap, Valerian Root, Passionflower, and Pedicularis spp. like Parrot's Beak Betony or Elephant's Head Betony. Skullcap is also nutritive to the nervous system, making it an excellent everyday ... of choice. It works well, but I prefer local bioregional herbs. The Parrot's Beak Betony is my favorite. This gentle herb has gotten me through the completion of two major ...

herb stock photography pictures
... Convallaria majalis Liverwort see also Hepatica Heptaica nobilis Lobelia (1) (2) Lobelia Inflata Lousewort, Wood Betony Pedicularis Canadensis Lungwort Pulmonaria saccharata Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora Maidenhair Fern Andiantum pedatum Halberd-Leaf Rose ...

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... Bee Balm (Purple) Monarda didyma 'Prarie Night' P Bee Balm lemon mint Monarda citriodora P Betony Stachys lantana s. Ruszantina P Blazing Star Liabris spicata P Bleeding Heart - Dwarf Fern Leaf ...

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