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basal plate

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Hardy Bulbs
... are held together by a disk of hardened stem tissue known as the "plate." Roots develop from the plate when the bulb is actively growing. When you purchase bulbs, they are in ... seen and appreciated at close range. Plant bulbs with the pointed side up and the basal plate down, firm well so they are in good contact with the surrounding soil, and water ...

... are called scales. The scales are attached to a flattened area called the basal plate. Also connected to the basal plate is the roots of the plant. Some lily roots are contractile, which means ... of the garden Lilies are in this form. Concentric Lilies consist of a rounded pyramidal basal plate surrounded by overlapping scales or various size and number depending upon the variety. Another type ...

Lily General
... fleshy scales and a short stem or axis (which is more often called the Basal Plate). The Basal Plate is where the scales are attached and this is the most important part of the ... and absorb moisture, the other is that they anchor the plant. (The basal roots which are attached to the basal plate anchor the plant.) They also have a very fascinating property of being ...
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Leek, Commercial Vegetable Production Guides, North Willamette Research and Extension Center
... seed, but may be propagated from topsets in the flower umbel, from bulbils in the basal plate, or from bulbs formed after the plant flowers. Varieties have been developed for resistance to ...

Texas Plant Disease Handbook - Onion Menu
Texas Plant Disease Handbook - Onion Menu Please select one of the following A complete description of Onion Diseases, or Individual Onion Diseases Black Mold Botrytis Leaf Blight/Blast Downy Mildew Fusarium Basal Plate Rot Leaf Variegation Mushy Rot Neck Rot Pink Rot Powdery Mildew Purple Blotch Pythium Root Rot Root Knot Nematode Soft Rot Stemphyllium Blight Tip Blight Bacterial Blight

Twin Scaling
... TWIN SCALING. This is particularly successful with Liliums. The bulbs you use must have a basal plate and must have scales similar to an onion. The best procedure to follow is: Start ... from the inner scales, without breaking them off the basal plate. Using a knife or scalpel, cut off two scales with some of the basal plate still attached. Keep doing this until you have ...

... bulb are often enclosed in protective, fleshy scales, which are held together by a small basal plate. The scales are modified leaves that contain enough nutrients to sustain the plant through dormancy ... the scales (lilies don't have a tunic). Roots will grow from the bulb's basal plate. The foliage of bulbous plants shouldn't be cut off while green; it should be ...

... Malvacea, or of stamens with the style and stigma, as in Orchids. COLUMN-FOOT: A basal extension of the column to which the labellum is attached, often flexibly. COLUMNAR: Tall and ... eyes, grow from the top of the corm. At the bottom, roots grow from a basal plate. As the plant grows, the old corm dies, and new corms, called cormels, form around ...
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Crinum zeylanicum
... Cabe I have successfully propagated Crinum by cutting the basal plate. Here is what I do: Wash bulb and trim off all roots ... a sharp, sterile knife slice longitudinally through the bulb, bisecting the basal plate. Now you are left with two halves, which can be subsequently ... section as long as you still retain a portion of the basal plate. I dip sections in a fungicide solution. I think I normally ... What Is A Bulb?
... a bulb in half and you will see this clearly. In the basal center portion of the bulb are the leaves cradling a baby bud. ... the scales and the floral stalk which holds the bud is the basal plate. This plate at the bottom of the bulb also holds the roots of ... food. In corms, most of the food is stored in an enlarged basal plate rather than the meaty scales, which in corms are much smaller. Corms ...
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