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barbara ertter

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Barbara Ertter
... Barbara Ertter Barbara Ertter Curator of Western North American Flora Collections Manager 1001 Valley Life Sciences Bldg. #2465 Berkeley, CA 94720-2465 (510)642-2465 Curriculum Vitae As a fourth-generation Idaho native, Dr. Barbara Ertter is a committed Westerner, whose ties to ...

University and Jepson Herbaria: Educational Programs and Activities
... training A variety of studies are possible. Tony Morosco worked with Dr. Barbara Ertter on learning herbarium techniques and formatting Dr. Ertter's "Flora of East Bay Checklist" for publication, as well on ...
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California Botanical Scoiety - Lectures
... evolution of floristic modeling – Barbara Ertter, Curator of Western North American Flora, University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley April 19 Functional diversity and ...

CalFlora - Related Projects
... Counties. Sponsored by the North Coast Chapter of the California Native Plant Society Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Educational programs including classes, workshops, field trips, and tours, including evening and ... own backyard gardens. Note: a free copy of RealAudio is required to listen. Guests Barbara Ertter, Curator of Western North America Flora at University of California at Berkeley Dr. Bruce ...

FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Volumes under Production
... Ertter, Barbara/ Reveal, James/ Dryas Parfitt, Bruce D./ Springer, Joshua/ Drymocallis Ertter, Barbara/ Duchesnea Ertter, Barbara/ertter ... gov Horkelia Ertter, Barbara/ Horkeliella Ertter, Barbara/ Ivesia Ertter, Barbara/ertter@uclink4. ... Graduate Studies Program Alumni
... 1951-1958 Eiten, George (PhD) USA Regional variation of Oxalis section Corniculatae CUNY 1978-1983 Ertter, Barbara (PhD) USA Juncus triformis complex (Juncaceae) CUNY 1968-1974 Fay, John J. (PhD) USA Revision ...

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