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The Gardening Articles page - L
... summer!) and treat yourself to a Water Lily and some surface water plants - such as Azorella - to keep the water clear. Most garden centres stock water plants these days, and there ...

Alpine Garden Society
... Asyneuma Athamantha Athrotaxis Athryxia Athyrium Atractylis Atragene Atraphaxis Atrichoseris Aubrieta Aurinia Australia Austria Austrocactus Awards Azorella Show Results Join Us Shop Online Plant of The Month Tour Vacancies Sponsorship

A little bit of sub-Antarctica at the bottom of the Garden
... plants found nowhere else in the world, such as one little cushion-like plant called Azorella and the little Corybas orchid. All vascular plants on the island (the ones with tissue ...

Macquarie Island - a report of an short visit
... and c. 45 are phanerogams; there are 5 introduced species and 2 endemics (the Azorella and the Corybas), both of which have very closely related sibling taxa on other ... Isolepis aucklandica Coprosma perpusilla ssp. antarctica Puccinellia macquariensis Hydrocotyle novae-zealandiae Corybas sp. nov. Azorella macquariensis Clumps of the minute fern Grammitis poeppigeana were also brought back but did ...
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HORTICOPIA® Plant Information
... Atalaya Ateramnus Athrotaxis Athyrium Atriplex Atropa Aubrieta Aucuba Aurinia Averrhoa Avicennia Ayapana Azadirachta Azara Azolla Azorella Babiana Baccharis Bacopa Baileya Ballota Baloghia Bambusa Banksia Baptisia Barbarea Barleria Bartlettina Basella Bassia Bauera ...

Rock Garden Plant Database
Rock Garden Plant Database Rock garden plants Family APIACEAE Genus of APIACEAE Aciphylla Acronema Aletes Anisotome Astrantia Athamanta Aulacospermum Aulospermum Azorella Bolax Bupleurum Chamaesciadium Chamaesium Conopodium Cortia Cortiella Cymopterus Dichosciadium Dimorphosciadium Eryngium Gymnophyton Next page Version 3.0 (c) 1990-2005 RNDr. Pavel Slabý :: Search Results (Full Sun)
... ) Arrhenatherum (1 Hits) Arthropodium (1 Hits) Arundo (1 Hits) Astilbe (1 Hits) Astilboides (1 Hits) Azorella (1 Hits) Ballota (1 Hits) Barbarea (1 Hits) Bellium (1 Hits) Bouteloua (1 Hits) Briza ... :: Search Results (Partial Shade)
... ) Arachniodes (1 Hits) Arenaria (1 Hits) Arrhenatherum (1 Hits) Arthropodium (1 Hits) Astilboides (1 Hits) Azorella (1 Hits) Barbarea (1 Hits) Begonia (1 Hits) Bellium (1 Hits) Blechnum (1 Hits) Bromus ...
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Latin name index A - Plants For A Future database report
... Azalea indica Azalea mollis Azalea pontica Azalea sinensis Azara microphylla Azolla filiculoides Azorella caespitosa Azorella diapensioides Azorella filamentosa Azorella fuegiana Azorella lycopodioides Azorella selago Azorella trifurcata Azorella yareta Azorina vidalii Latin Names: A B C D E F ...

Search for Hepatic - Plants For A Future database search
... complanatus Bei Bian Huang Qi Hepatic 0 2 Atractylodes japonica Japanese Atractylodes Hepatic 2 3 Azorella caespitosa Hepatic 2 1 Belamcanda chinensis Leopard Lily Hepatic 1 3 Berberis vulgaris Barberry Hepatic ...
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