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american amaryllids

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... American amaryllids, Sprekelia, Ungernia (Available only as part of nearly complete sets.) 1971 " 27 South American amaryllids 1972 " 28 South American amaryllids 1973 " 29 Miscellaneous amaryllids 1974 " 30 South American amaryllids 1975 Plant Life 31 South American amaryllids ...

... the low point of the great, worldwide depression. It was called, appropriately enough, YEAR BOOK, AMERICAN AMARYLLIS SOCIETY, Volume 1. Sixty one years later the society published its Golden Anniversary ... gone from being called the American Amaryllis Society to the American Plant Life Society, to its present name: the International Bulb Society. We still love the Amaryllids, but all bulbous plants ...
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Amaryllidaceae: The Amaryllis Family
... is the family of amaryllis and related plants. Members of the giant group Lilianae, the amaryllids are mostly bulbous plants, although some have a rhizome. The flowers are bisexual and quite ... includes the well-known Scarborough Lily. Hymenocallis, the white spider lilies, are native to Central American, Mexico, and the Southern United States. The boundaries of the amaryllis family are sometimes ...

The Bulbs of the World
... the majority are moncotyledons. Among these are the lilies, family Liliaceae; irids, family Iridaceae; amaryllids, family Amaryllidaceae; the onions and their relatives, family Alliaceae; hyacinths and relatives, family ... A very new family is the Themidaceae, which includes Brodiaea and related genera of American bulbs. Another monocot family, not closely related to the Asparagales or Liliales, but ...
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