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Dooryard Fruit Varieties
... closely, but not completely, with the standard USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. The shaded areas along the coasts of south ... central Florida, S = south Florida 2 Requires pollinizer variety 3 Self-unfruitful, must be planted together 4,5,6 Requires 2 or more varieties ( ... , requires a non-female variety for pollination 9 Must have 'Okinawa' or 'Nemaguard' rootstock 10 Only in warmer parts of North Zone ...

Sustainability Assessment of Fruit Crops for North and North Central Florida
... to St Augustine. Central Florida will described by a region south of the north central zone but north of Interstate 4. Lastly, south central Florida is depicted as an area from ... future expansion will be influenced heavily by the development of new cultivars. Highbush blueberry cultivation requires attention to detail from proper site selection (and soil amelioration) to pest control. The single ...

Water Movement in Mulched Beds in Rocky Soils of Miami-Dade County
... tension between field capacity and 15 kPa in the root zone, and prevents nutrient leaching (Simonne et al., 2004). Irrigation scheduling requires a target water amount adjusted to weather conditions and ... typically grown. The main objectives were to (1) describe the shape of the wetted zone for several water volumes applied through drip irrigation, (2) determine vertical, lateral and longitudinal ...