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zone requires

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Doug's Way With Roses
... the season. Some of the basic reasons are: 1. The aging process of the plant requires occasional removal of old, non-productive canes. 2. Some plants may have experienced robust growth ... around existing older plants. Using a spading fork, work this material down into the root zone with a back and forth rocking motion. An addition of a few shovels of cow ...

Doug's Way With Roses: July-August, 1999
... should be free of serious unwanted disease or nuisance infestations. To keep it that way requires a frequent jaunt through the garden with a keen eye out for any unwelcome intrusion ... as hurricane remnants or severe thunderstorms) may temporarily leach necessary nutrients out of the root zone. An application of a liquid food (Schultz, Miracle-Gro, Mills Easy Feed, etc.) will stabilize ...