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Zelkova serrata - Plants For A Future database report
... Zelkova Author (Thunb.)Makino. Botanical references 11, 200, 266 Family Ulmaceae Genus Zelkova Synonyms Abelicea hirta - (Thunb.)Schneid. Corchorus hirtus - non L. Zelkova acuminata - (Lindl.)Planch. Zelkova formosana - Hayata. Zelkova hirta - (Thunb.)Schneid. Zelkova ...

Japanese Gray-Bark Elm
... Japanese Gray-Bark Elm - Zelkova serrata General information: Zelkova is often listed as a replacement for American Elm since it has ... to 100 feet tall with a 60 to 80 foot spread. Zelkova is massive, with the trunk capable of growing to four feet ... disease-free as it resists Dutch Elm disease and Elm leaf beetle. Zelkova is subject to canker diseases particularly if the trunk is repeatedly wounded ...

Trees of Reed: Japanese Zelkova
... Trees of Reed: Japanese Zelkova Japanese Zelkova Scientific Name: Zelkova serrata Family: Ulmaceae This tree is a member of the elm family, but it's ...

Zelkova serrata fact sheet
... Zelkova serrata fact sheet Japanese zelkova Ulmaceae Zelkova serrata (Thunb.) Makino Leaf: Alternate, simple, pinnately veined, 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 ... - Japanese Zelkova
... | Elm Care Products | Register your Elm | Forum Home > About Elms > Elm Species > Japanese Zelkova Last Update 30/08/00 How Trees Work About Elm Trees The Elm Story Identifying ... Elms Caring for Your Elm Elm Tree Diseases Elm Tree Links Quick Elm Facts Japanese Zelkova Zelkova serrata Thunb. Mak. Height 15-20 m (50-60 feet) Leaves 3-5cm (1-2 ...

Evergreen Gardenworks Descriptive Catalog: Ulmus, Wisteria, Zelkova
... Images Email Order Form Plant Catalog Tool Catalog Evergreen Gardenworks 2006 Descriptive Catalog Ulmus, Wisteria, Zelkova Ulmus (Elm) S\PS\M\Ls\B Elms occur throughout the northern hemisphere from ... flowers. Cutting grown plants. Few only. Waiting List 9970 Zelkova carpinifolia (Zelkova, Caucasian Elm) S\M\-20\Ls\B Deciduous tree. A large Zelkova to 100 feet but with relatively small deeply ...

Trunk Chopped Zelkova
Trunk Chopped Zelkova Trunk Chopped Zelkova This is a Zelkova serrata that has received multiple trunk chops to change the direction of the trunk line, creating curves and positions for the first two branches. Note the angle of the cuts and the beginning of the explosion of new growth. This tree also has an excellent nebari (surface roots and crown).
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Drought tolerant plants in summer flower beds save water
... on more than 850 landscape plants listed in alphabetical order by genus, from Abelia to Zelkova. By: Carol Savonen Source: Gail Gredler, Pat Breen Email this story Printer-friendly version News ...

Which plants need to be grown outdoors? - Bonsai
... , bald cypress (taxodium), sweet gum (liquidambar), larch (larix), willow (salix) and Japanese grey bark elm (zelkova). > If you are looking for a tree for your first attempt at bonsai, you cannot ...

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