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yuri liliaceae lilium

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... Caryophyllaceae Lilium auratum YAMA YURI Liliaceae Lilium concolor HIME YURI Liliaceae Lilium japonicum SASA YURI Liliaceae Lilium lancifolium ONI YURI Liliaceae Lilium leichtlinii var. maximowiczii KOOINI YURI Liliaceae Lilium longiforum TEPPO YURI Liliaceae Lilium medeoloides KURUMA YURI Liliaceae Lilium speciosum KANOKO YURI Liliaceae Liluim maculatum SUKASHI YURI Liliaceae Liparis ...

... Lily Lilium auratum Family: Liliaceae. Latin name: Lilium. Japanese name: YURI. Blooming season: summer. Height: 40cm -200 cm. Japan is a country of lilies. Of the ... Japanese species (Lilium auratum, Lilium japonicum and Lilium maculatum etc.). The indigenous species are as follows: Lilium longiforum (English name = Easter lily or trumpet lily): the Japanese name is TEPPO YURI meaning, "rifle ...
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