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youngewirth gerry gloria

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Local Rose Show Results
... & Modine King Moonstone Yew, Manson & Lawlor, Tim Princess Hot Princess Belendez, Bob & Kitty Court Colette Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria Court Big Time Gregory, Ron & Modine Court Let Freedom Ring Belendez, Bob & Kitty Fl Bloom ...

Local Rose Show Results
... Linda Princess Signature Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria Court Color Magic Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria Court Moonstone Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria Court Hollywood Star Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria Court Brooks' Red Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria Fl Bloom Heaven ... Doris Morgan Smith, Joseph & Brenda Mini Court Dancing Flame Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria Mini Court Fairhope Belendez, Bob & Kitty Mini Spray Fresh ...
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ARS Rose Show Results
... Show) Trophy Geri & Alan McCarron Marilyn Monroe (Queen of Show) B-15 McFarland District Trophy Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Moonstone, Veteran's Honor, Crowd Pleaser, Colette, St. Patrick B-16 Ralph Moore District Trophy ...

Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society Show Results
... & Manson Yew Princess of Show Hot Princess Bob & Kitty Belendez Court of Honor Colette Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Let Freedom Ring Bob & Kitty Belendez Big Time Ron & Modine Gregory Class 2 Three ... Bolero 2004 Bob & Dona Martin Class 32 Cycle of Bloom Colette Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Class 33 HT in a Bowl GeminiGerry & Gloria Youngewirth Class 34 Seedling or Sport Scentimental Sport T. Cairns & L ...

Orange County Rose Society Show Results
... Princess of Show Signature Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Court of Honor Color Magic Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Moonstone Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Hollywood Star Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Brook's Red Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Class 7 Three ... Morgan Joe & Brenda Smith Fairhope Bob & Kitty Belendez Dancing Flame Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Section F - Mini-Floras Memphis Music, Buttercream, Dr. John ...
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2005 SCVRS Rose Show Winners
... de Rescht' Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez King of Hybrid Teas 'St. Patrick' Shown by Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth CLICK HERE FOR A FULL-COLOR FREE SAMPLE OF OUR AWARD-WINNING NEWSLETTER "ROSE ECSTASY ... 's Palette Shown by Karen T.S. Gubert Three Blooms of 'Symphony' Shrub Shown by Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth Single Mini 'Peggy T' Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez Our awesome rose show team: Kym ...

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