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wood inhabiting microorganisms

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A New Tree Biology
... microorganisms that attack trees. Another type of duality begins to develop as trees survive, so long as they are not digested by wood-inhabiting microorganisms, and the microorganisms ...

Polskie Towarzystwo Fitopatologiczne
... . Fungi inhabiting needles of young Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris L.). Phytopathol. Pol. 3 (XV), 59-64. Ma˝ka M., 1992. Fungi inhabiting ... content in prematurely yellowed leaves and in brown discoloured trunk wood of Betula pendula trees. Phytopathol. Pol. 19, 97-106. ... Orlikowski L.B. and Skrzypczak Cz. (eds), Trichoderma spp., other microorganisms and plant extracts in plant diseases control. VIII ...

... given chromosome. Allelopathy- The influence of plants, other than microorganisms, upon each other, arising from the products of their ... specifically to gum turpentine and gum rosin; wood naval stores to wood turpentine and wood rosin. Normal yield table- A ... intermediates in the crown canopy. Sympatric- Species or populations inhabiting the same or overlapping areas. Cf Allopatric. Sympodial- ...