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wood chips

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Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide
... 12-inch thick layers of plant waste such as leaves, lawn clippings, shredded branches, and wood chips. Kitchen scraps may also be used. Onto each layer, distribute one cup each of dolomite ...

Weed Management in Home Lawns
... , where turf is not grown. Materials used in such a manner include straw, sawdust, hay, wood chips, and plastic film. Care must be taken to prevent mowing accidents due to movement of ...

... household food scraps and do not damage sound wood to any extent. They eject the wood in the form of a coarse sawdust. ... are kept smooth and clean and have a sandpapered appearance. Other wood infesting insects do not keep their galleries clean. CREDITS: James Castner ... effective. If the bait smells like rancid oil or stale potato chips, the bait is spoiled. Wash your hands before baiting to prevent ...