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wood chips

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... button mushroom, pizza mushroom, portabella, or crimini. Agrocybe praecox, a common spring inhabitant of wood chips. Aleurodiscus oakesii, the oak parchment, cause of "smooth patch disease" The death angel, ... Salem Witch Trials Clavicorona pyxidata, the crown-tipped coral fungus. Clitocybe nuda, the wood blewit. Chlorophyllum molybdites, the green spored Lepiota, the most common cause of mushroom ...

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... Lactarius indigo, the indigo milk mushroom. May 2000 Agrocybe praecox, a common spring inhabitant of wood chips. Apr. 2000 Xylaria polymorpha, dead man's fingers. Mar. 2000 Entomophthora muscae, a fungus that ... Dec. 1998 Fungi that are necessary for a merry Christmas. Nov. 1998 Clitocybe nuda, the wood blewit. Oct. 1998 Pleurotus ostreatus, the oyster mushroom. Sep. 1998 Boletus edulis, the king ...

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... Q. ... but what about the fungi growing in my bark mulch or wood chips? Can I get rid of those? A. Most of these fungi ... your lawn. Q. I have some things sticking up in my wood chips that look like upside-down carrots dipped in mud. They smell really ... a single organism? These questions remain unresolved. Q. While splitting some wood in the evening, a friend of mine found some bioluminescent fungi ( ...