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whipple penstemon

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Blue and Purple Wildflowers - Colorado Mountain Wildflowers - Denver Plants
... Geyer Onion Hall's Beardtongue Horsemint Jacob's Ladder Jones Penstemon Mountain Blue Bells Nodding Onion Parry Harebell Parry Primrose Purple ... Penstemon Sticky Geranium Subalpine Larkspur Sugar Bowls Sunloving Aster Sweet Rocket Tall Chiming Bells Tall Penstemon Thistle - Canada Thistle - Musk Tiny Trumpet Upland Larkspur Violet Aster Western Spiderwort Whipple Penstemon - Purple Whipple Penstemon ...

Penstemon Garden
... 2003, and includes eight different Flagstaff-area penstemon species, from the rare Penstemon clutei (Sunset Crater penstemon), to Penstemon whippleanus (Gray Whipple's penstemon). Clutei is endemic to the ... These include Penstemon eatonii, (firecracker penstemon) a red-flowered species that typically grows between 3,000 and 6,000 ft., and Penstemon neomexicanus, (New Mexico penstemon) a high ...

August 2005 Bloom List
... Penstemon triflorus Heller hill country penstemon Pink Native Scrophulariaceae Penstemon virgatus Gray upright blue beardtongue Purple Native Horticultural Center Rock Wall / Penstemon Garden continued Scrophulariaceae Penstemon whippleanus Gray Whipple's penstemon ...
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