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west indian

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Lantana camara - West Indian Lantana
Lantana camara - West Indian Lantana

Angiosperm Families - Bignoniaceae Juss.
... ), who provide preliminary insights from chloroplast gene sequencing. Economic uses, etc. Important timber from Tabebuia (West Indian boxwood), Catalpa. Illustrations. • Technical details (Kigelia). • Technical details (Catalpa, Tecoma). • Technical details ...

South Florida Tropicals: Calabaza
... , Sandra Poirier, Mildred Murphy, Mary Jo Oswald, and Chris Procise2 Background Sometimes referred to as West Indian pumpkin or green pumpkin, calabaza (Cucurbita moschata) belongs to the squash family. Calabaza is grown ...

Caribbean Crazy Ant (proposed common name), Paratrechina pubens Forel (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae)
... St. Vincent, Lesser Antilles, and has been found on other West Indian islands, including Anguilla, Guadeloupe, and Puerto Rico (Trager 1984). Samples ... Counties, but is less common farther north to Hillsborough and Indian River counties, and Deyrup (2002) adds that it is found in south Florida, north to Sarasota and Indian River counties. Prenolepis imparis (Say 1836), the false or ...
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"Vegetables and Fruits" Books: Titles Beginning With W
... 9 to 11 days) or search Abebooks for this book used West Indian Workers and the United Fruit Company in Costa Rica, 1870- ... !: The Whole Bean Cook Book Golden West Publishers and Kris Steele Paperback: February, 1995 (Golden West Publishers (AZ)) CDN$ 7.88 (Usually ... or search Abebooks for this book used Wild Berries of the West Betty B. Derig and Margaret Fuller Paperback: June, 2003 (Mountain Press ...

Index by Color, Shape, Size
... radicans Scarlet Pimpernel Primulaceae Anagallis arvensis Curacao Milkweed Asciepiadaceae Asciepias curassavica Indian Blanket, Firewheel, Blanket flower, Showy gaillardia, Rose-ring gaillardia Asteraceae Gaillardia ... Carolina Geranium, Carolina Crane's-bill, Wild Geranium Geraniaceae Geranium carolinianum West Indian Lantana Verbenaceae Lantana camara Unknown 055 Lamiaceae Unknown 055 Amberique Bean ...

Cyathea arborea
... & the Virgin Islands Puerto Rico, St.Thomas, St.John, Tortola Flora Mesomericana Illustrated description of West Indian tree fern in Hawaii Typical habitat photo, this one from Grenada Copyright 1999-2001, L ... Summary of Databasing Projects at The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium
... (approx. 90,000 images) West Indian Orchids Catalog of specimens of West Indian Orchidaceae. Completed. 5,840 (148 images) West Indian Vascular Plant Types Catalog of West Indian type specimens.Completed. This is a subset of the Vascular Plant Type Catalog. 6,361 (5,851 images) Note that some catalogs represent subsets of other catalogs (e.g., the West Indian ...

Aloe chinensis - Indian Medicine Plant - Liliaceae
... Elf Schefflera Heart-leaf Philodendron Hedge Hyssop Hedgehog Cactus Hindu Rope Holly Fern Inch Plant Indian Medicine Plant Indonesian Wax Ginger Indoor Oak Jade Plant Jack-In-The-Pulpit Jackfruit ... Violet Easter Lily Cactus Watch Chain Crassula Water Clover Water Pennywort Wax Begonia Wax Plant West Indian Jasmine Wheel Tree Whisk Fern White Bird of Paradise White Ginger White Gossamer White ...

Indian Ocean Catalogue Front File scope.html
... Indian Ocean, for the purposes of this catalogue, is defined as follows (see map). It is bounded on the west by the eastern shore of Africa as far south and west ... West Cape Howe, the southernmost point of Western Australia. Although the Indian ...

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