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wavy edged leaves

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Floridata: Fatshedera (X) lizei
... ivy (Hedera helix var. hibernica). Fatshedera really looks like a cross, too. It has the leaves of the ivy: palmately 5-lobed (rarely 3- or 7-lobed), evergreen and shiny; ... and no fruit is produced. Cultivars include 'Pia', with wavy-edged leaves; 'Variegata', with narrow white leaf margins; and 'Anna Mikkels', with yellow-variegated leaves. Location Inter-generic hybrids are very rare, and almost ...

Floridata: Elaeagnus pungens
... leaves themselves are very attractive and arranged alternately along the stems. Most silverthorn cultivars have leaves that are 2-4 in (5.1-10.2 cm) long and many have wavy edges. Leaves ... variegation like 'Maculata' (aka 'Auro-maculata) with bright yellow variegation and 'Marginata' with creamy-edged leaves. Location Silverthorn is native to China and Japan. Culture Thorny elaeagnus is fast growing, ...

Floridata: Brassica oleracea var. acephala
... look like the outer or basal, non-heading leaves of cabbage. The lower leaves tend to sag down and the upper ones are more erect and cup-shaped. Kale leaves are not as thick as collards and in many cultivars they are fringed or wavy-edged. Kale plants, and their leaves, ...