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Floridata: Vitex agnus-castus
... gift of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Vitex agnus-castus Common Names: hemp tree, chaste tree, monk Family: ... and uninteresting compared to their showier kin. A vividly violet vitex flower attracts an admiring bee. Download a large version (800x600) of this image. The variety Vitex agnus-castus var. latifolia has shorter, broader leaves. In my ...

Vitex, Chaste, Monks Pepper Tree, Phoenix Arizona
... tree but can grow up to 25 feet tall in hot climates. Vitex trees are decidious. They bloom continously during the summer but the ... and will lose all of their leaves in the fall. Keeping a vitex tree in a shade tree form, as seen in the photo, ... of this tree are attractive to humming birds and bees. Vitex leaves have a pungent sage like odor. Links to more vitex tree information Vitex Tree at Texas ...

Vitex agnus castus Chaste Tree
... to seven fingers that are dark green above and silvery underneath. Fairly drought resistant, Vitex grows faster and looks more lovely when watered regularly. Long grape colored flower stems ... Flower Color: Purple Characteristics: Full Sun, Evergreen, Water Conserving Uses: Dried Flower, Medicinal, Ornamental Vitex $3.95 per 3 inch pot Quantity Internet Specials Receive Mountain Valley Views, our ...

Herbs Tagetes---Vitex
... Herbs Tagetes---Vitex A-B, C-G, H-L, M-N, O-P, Q-S, T-Z These ... B, O Low growing with 2 inch long leaves and numerous flower spikes in spring. VITEX AGNUS (CHASTE TREE) 39700 15 ft. 7 BLUE FULL B, D, HB, M, O, W Vitex can be trained into a small patio shade tree or grown as a large shrub. ...
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CTFS Forest Dynamics Plots
... 6 Unidentified (howard)sp.2 Unidentified 1 0 0 Vernonanthura patens Asteraceae 0 1 0 Vitex cooperi Verbenaceae 6 6 6 Xylopia frutescens Annonaceae 5 4 4 Zanthoxylum acuminatum Rutaceae 1 ...

CTFS Forest Dynamics Plots
... 0 Unidentified (howard)sp.2 Unidentified 0 0 0 Vernonanthura patens Asteraceae 0 0 0 Vitex cooperi Verbenaceae 3 3 3 Xylopia frutescens Annonaceae 2 2 2 Zanthoxylum acuminatum Rutaceae 0 ...
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Herbalism FAQ Page
... Side effects of St. John's wort Remedies for depression Help for poisoning and inflammation Vitex for menstrual control Herbs for weight loss Ginger and vitamin B6 for nausea and motion ...

Description of Trees for smaller yards and some for larger yards - Arizona Gardening
... sun, accepts some shade Dark green leaf color all year Thorny Beneficial to native wildlife Vitex (Vitex Agnus-castus) 20 x 20 at maturity Full sun Dark green leaves spring to fall ...
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"Traditional Herbs for Winter Interest -- Books and Links"
... . Popular reference and ID guide to over 400 herbs, with 260 color photos. Hobbs, Christopher. Vitex -- The Women's Herb. Santa Cruz, CA: Botanica Press, 1986. Brief and accessible survey of the use of Chaste Tree (Vitex agnus-castus) in treating gynecological disorders. Other booklets by the same author look at Echinacea ...

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