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Vitaliana primuliflora (Vlastimil Braun)
Vitaliana primuliflora (Vlastimil Braun) Vitaliana primuliflora Photographed in the Dolomites - Spring 1999 by Vlastimil Braun [Return to Main Gallery]

Jules Fouarge - A. vitaliana
Jules Fouarge - A. vitaliana Jules Fouarge's Photo Gallery Androsace vitaliana (Col Vieux. 2800m Queyras, France) [Return to Main Gallery]
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Vitaliana primuliflora
... to find any fault with it whatsoever, it becomes a perfect plant. Vitaliana is a one-species genus in the primula family native ... €™s Rock Gardening (1968) the plant was still known as Douglasia vitaliana and described as follows…”the blossoms are buttercup-yellow and ... the plant is smothered in bloom for weeks in early spring. Vitaliana primuliflora prefers full sun and a well-drained spot. It ...

... is no annoyance of too much water. April 2003 Vitaliana Primuliflora A nice plant for on top of a raised bed. April 2003 Vitaliana Primuliflora When I  put now a plant in ...

mijn rotstuin
... staan ruim boven de omringende grond en wateroverlast komt nooit voor. April 2003 Vitaliana Primuliflora Een mooie plant  voor boven op het verhoogde bed. idiaal om ... eerst een flink gat gegraven en dat opgevuld met zand, turf en split.                                                                Vitaliana Primuliflora April 2003 Globularia Cordifolia Een prachtige plant voor tussen  deze grijze ...
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Alpine Garden Society
... Veltheimia Veratrum Verbascum Verbena Verbesina Veronica Verticordia Viburnum Vicia Vigour Vinca Vincetoxicum Vine Viola Viscaria Vitaliana Viviania V-Tables Show Results Join Us Shop Online Plant of The Month Tour Vacancies ...

Special Events at the Devonian Botanic Garden
... , 2006. Eunomia rotundifolia Androsace carnea Anemone pulsatilla Bergenia cordifolia Corydalis nobilis Draba parnassica Draba parnassica Vitaliana primuflora Primula marginata 'Doctor Jenkins' Pyrus ussriensis Saxifraga elizabethiae Shepherdia argentea Thorny buffalo berry All ...

Photos of Perennial Species in our Garden
... ) Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue' (Speedwell) Veronica whitleyi (Whitley's Speedwell) Veronica 'Waterperry Blue' (Alpine Speedwell) Vitaliana primuliflora (Golden Primula) Sun - A,B Acanthus hungaricus (Bear's Breeches) Aconitum x cammarum 'Bicolor ...

Rock Garden Plant Database
Rock Garden Plant Database Rock garden plants Genus Vaccinium Valantia Valeriana Vancouveria Vania Vavilovia Vella Vellereophyton Veratrilla Verbascum Veronica Vicia Vinca Vincetoxicum Viola Vitaliana Vittadinia Viviania Version 3.0 (c) 1990-2005 RNDr. Pavel Slabý

Rock Garden Plant Database
Rock Garden Plant Database Rock garden plants Family PRIMULACEAE Genus of PRIMULACEAE Anagallis Androsace Bryocarpum Coris Cortusa Cyclamen Dionysia Dodecatheon Douglasia Lysimachia Pomatosace Primula Samolus Soldanella Trientalis Vitaliana Version 3.0 (c) 1990-2005 RNDr. Pavel Slabý
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