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violet author

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Flower Introductions for 1989
... new? First, the pot plants Pot Plants 'Mini-pot Mixed' is a selection of African violet (Saintpaulia) grown from seed. Only one third the size of standard African violets, they produce ... -blooming 25 cm mound-shaped plants with exceptional heat tolerance. Due to personal prejudices, the author has for the most part omitted mention of new petunias, marigolds, and zinnias, but two ...

... It is considered reliably hardy. No dieback has been experienced in the author's garden in the decade in which it has been grown there. ... rounded flower heads (which are said to resemble "drumsticks") in lilac, violet, or white, on 25 cm stalks. The white-flowered form is ... hardy in Zone 3. They have never over-wintered in the author's garden, although they might survive in a more sheltered location ...