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vines tropaeolum majus

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Tropaeolum majus
... Tropaeolum majus Tropaeolum majus (tro-paa-e’o-lum maa’juss) Common name: Nasturtium, Indian Cress Family: Tropaeolaceae, Nasturtium ... in war captured helmets were once hung on posts, he compared the leaves of the vines climbing posts to the shields and the flowers to the blood-stained helmets; common name ...

Vines for North Carolina: Scientific Names
... Vines for North Carolina: Scientific Names Vines | Factsheets | Consumer Hort | Hort on the Internet Pandorea pandorana, ... Trachelospermum asiaticum, Yellow star jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides, Confederate jasmine; Star jasmine Tropaeolum majus, Nasturtium, Climbing nasturtium Tropaeolum peregrinum, Canary creeper; Canary bird flower Vines | Factsheets | Consumer Horticulture | Hort on ...

Vines: Tropaeolum majus
... Vines: Tropaeolum majus Scientific Name Tropaeolum majus Common Name Nasturtium; Climbing nasturtium Vines for the Southeast Plant Fact Sheets Consumer Hort Hardiness: Tender annual Habit: -- Growth Rate: Moderate ...
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Floridata: Plants That Attract Hummingbirds
... annual lion's ear, lion's ear Torenia fournieri wishbone flower, bluewings, torenia Tropaeolum majus nasturtium, garden nasturtium, Indian cress Zinnia elegans zinnia, common zinnia, youth-and-old ... -leaved zinnia, orange zinnia Cactus and Succulents   Aloe saponaria soap aloe, African aloe Vines   Bignonia capreolata cross vine, trumpet-flower Campsis radicans trumpet creeper, trumpet vine Dolichos ...

Floridata: Beginner's Plant List
... farinacea mealycup sage, blue sage Salvia splendens scarlet sage Tagetes spp. marigold Tropaeolum majus nasturtium, garden nasturtium, Indian cress Cactus and Succulents   Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi South ... queen, purple-heart tradescantia Water Plants   Juncus effusus soft rush, common rush Vines   Clytostoma callistegioides violet trumpet vine, painted trumpet, Argentine trumpet vine Cucumis sativus ...
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Summer gardens in bold colors
... but others are perennial and many come in reds and oranges, dwarf or multibranching. Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus) edible flower from the cress family, and have a similar taste to watercress. Easy-to ... orange centers will rot in moist soil. They emerge late in spring, so have patience. Vines: Thunbergia, (Thunbergia alata),also called the black-eyed Susan vine looks showy in hanging baskets ...

Index to Paghat's Garden: Sun Perennials
... [Shade Perennials] — [Ferns] [SUN PERENNIALS] — [Sun-garden Herbs] [Hardy Geraniums & Heucheras] — [Creepers & Vines] [Monkshoods & Delphiniums] [Bulbs & Corms] — [Jack-in-the-Pulpits] [Evergreen Trees] — [Deciduous Trees] [ ... repens, wild white clover Trifolium x repens 'Dragon's Blood' clover Tropaeolum majus 'Alaska' dwarf variegated nasturtium Typha minima, Dwarf Cattails, a bog garden ...

Index to Paghat's Garden: Vines
... Azaleas, & Camellias] [Evergreen Shrubs ] — [Deciduous Shrubs] [Succulents] — [Miscellaneous] [Species Index] — [Home] CREEPERS & VINES: Actinidia arguta — Hardy Kiwi Akebia quinata: Differing Blossoms on ... Trifolium repens var atropurpureum 'Dark Dancer' black four-leafed clover Tropaeolum majus: Trailing Single Nasturtiums Vaccinium crassifolium sempervirens 'Bloodstone' creeping blueberry Verbena ...
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Clematis terniflora - Sweet Autumn Clematis - Ranunculaceae
... length. Plants are very vigorous growers and need support to climb; the vines climb by twisting around supports or trees. Plants can become very ... jasminoides Tradescantia sillamontana Tradescantia x andersoniana Trichocereus strigosus Tripsacum dactyloides Trochodendron aralioides Tropaeolum majus Tulbaghia violacea 'Silver Lace' Turnera ulmifolia Tylecodon halli Withania somnifera Xerosicyos ...

Annual Vines
... Notes Self seeds. Plant seeds in mid-April. Drought and heat resistant. Nasturtium Scientific Name Tropaeolum majus Height up to 10 feet Fragrance No Flower Color(s) Orange, red, yellow, white, bicolors ... cover. [What Is an Annual?] [Planting Annuals] [Soil Preparation] [After Planting Care] [Common Flowers] [Common Vines] [Specific Uses] [Specific Locations] [Video] [Credits] Home | Contact Us

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