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veins leaflets not articulated

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The Cycad Pages
... soils or substrates. Distinguishing characters: Leaves pinnate or rarely bipinnate Leaflets midrib, lacking secondary veins Leaflets not articulated Megasporophylls not gathered in cones Select a species, or go to ... cataphylls, lower leaflets often reduced to spines. Longitudinal ptyxis erect or rarely reflexed, horizontal ptyxis circinate. Leaflets with a single thick midrib and no lateral veins; ...

The Cycad Pages
... eriopus Distinguishing characters: Leaves pinnate Leaflets with a midrib and lateral veins Leaflets not articulated Sporophylls in vertical rows in cones ... Leaflets with circinate ptyxis and often a true terminal leaflet, lower leaflets not reduced to spines. Petioles lacking spines or prickles. Leaflets flat, penniveined, with a large midrib and numerous subparallel, bifurcating lateral veins ...
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Angiosperm Families - Caricaceae Dum.
... or compound; commonly palmate (the leaflets sometimes pinnately lobed). Lamina when ... articulated, anastomosing). The laticifers in leaves and in stems. Leaf anatomy. Stomata present; anomocytic (Carica papaya). Lamina dorsiventral. The mesophyll containing calcium oxalate crystals. The mesophyll crystals druses. Minor leaf veins ... Antipodal cells formed; 3; not proliferating; ephemeral. Synergids ...

Angiosperm Families - Cruciferae Juss.
... or compound (rarely); epulvinate; when compound, pinnate (with articulated leaflets). Lamina when simple, dissected to entire; when ... Lamina dorsiventral, or isobilateral, or centric. Minor leaf veins without phloem transfer cells (4 genera). Stem ... always), or not didynamous, not tetradynamous (when the outer pair missing); oppositisepalous. Filaments appendiculate, or not appendiculate. Anthers ...
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... . Scales glabrous or bearing multiseptate hairs, basifixed, base not cordate. Stipes articulated at the base to phyllopodia, grooved or not, glabrous. Lamina compound, tripinnate or quadripinnate (rarely ... leaflets linear oblong. Ultimate segments of fertile leaves 1--15 x 0.5--2 mm. Leaf axes glabrous. Veins in sterile ultimate lobes simple, forked, or pinnate, reaching the margin. False veins not ...

Cycad International : Katherine NT Australia
... their counterparts in other genera, the megasporophylls of Cycas do not form a determinate female cone, although they are somewhat ... non-articulated leaflets, broadly inserted along the leaf rachises and Dioon is thus the only New World cycad having non-articulated ... and bearing about 80 recurved leaflets inserted on the side. The leaflets, glossy dark-green, have parallel veins, lack a midrib, are ...

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