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veins anastomosing

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... , entire at margin; fertile pinnae more or less contracted, linear to narrowly lanceolate. Veins anastomosing, visible on both surfaces, without included veinlets. Sori acrostichoid, sporangia covering the abaxial ... -oblong, entire, obtuse to acuminate at apex, chartaceous to thick-coriaceous or fleshy; veins anastomosing, without included free veinlets. Fertile pinnae borne in the apical part of the ...

... Veins anastomosing, areoles numerous, densely arranged, elongated hexagonal. Indusia absent. Sori following course of veins ...
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Angiosperm Families - Cactaceae Juss.
... without cross-venules. General anatomy. Plants with laticifers (anastomosing, e.g. in Coryphantha, Leuchtenbergia, Neomamillaria), or without laticifers (usually). Leaf anatomy. Minor leaf veins without phloem transfer cells (Opuntia, Zygocactus). Stem anatomy ...

Angiosperm Families - Campanulaceae Juss.
... . Leaves without a persistent basal meristem. General anatomy. Plants with laticifers (articulated, anastomosing). The laticifers in leaves and in stems (especially in the phloem, often ... surfaces (commonly); anomocytic. Lamina dorsiventral to centric. Cystoliths commonly present. Minor leaf veins without phloem transfer cells (Campanula, Jasione). Stem anatomy. Secretory cavities commonly present; ...
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International Carnivous Plant Society
... of Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (1992). In that article I used the tentative, descriptive phrase "purple veins" to describe one commonly cultivated form. This form has petiolate leaves with a oval ... obviously-the yellow palate splotch is larger and surrounded by numerous anastomosing pale veins. The mauve-pink that contrasts with the pale veins is more saturated than the pink that colors the rest ...

Orchid Glossary - The Stem, Leaf, And Their Parts
... at different heights on a stem or flower spike. Anastomosing (a-NASS-toh-moh-zing) -- Interlacing or running together as the network of veins on a leaf. Apiculate (a-PIK-yew-layt ... a leaf. Nerve (NERV) -- The small vein of a leaf. Netted (NET-ted) -- Said of veins when they form a connected network. Obcordate (ahb-KOR-dayt) -- With the heart-shaped lobes ...

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