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uses for tamarinds

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South Florida Tropicals: Tamarind
... Top of Document Background Availability Selection Storage Uses Nutritive Value Yield Basic Preparation Food Safety During Preparation Uses for Tamarinds -Tamarind Ade -Tamarind Rice Pudding* - ... Uses for Tamarinds Tropicals may vary in natural pectin, acid and sugar content from one season to another due to the variations of the climate. Tamarind Ade ½ pound tamarinds ...

Floridata: Tamarindus indica
... in cooking and herbal medicine. Usage Tamarinds are grown as ornamental shade and street trees, and for the edible pods. The pods ... juice is used to pickle fish in India. Several medicinal uses of tamarind are reported in Grieve's A Modern Herbal. ... for the sweet, yet very acidic pulp. After a few of these your mouth will pucker and your teeth will hurt! Fresh, unprocessed tamarinds are best left for ...