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uninoculated plants

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Scientific Staff - Lorne Stobbs
... inoculated plants by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, electron microscopy, or back-inoculation to susceptible tobacco plants. Resistant plants were similar in appearance to the healthy uninoculated ... glucosinolate was higher in inoculated plants than in uninoculated plants, whereas other glucosinolates were unaffected or reduced in concn in inoculated plants. Such alterations in glucosinolate ...

New Disease Reports - First report of sugar beet crown wart disease caused by Urohphlyctis leproides in Egypt
... h, followed by 14 h light and 10 h dark. Uninoculated plants were used as a control. Symptoms appeared on the test plants after 11 days and sporangia were reisolated from the mature gall tissues ( Mahmoody et al., 1997). No symptoms were observed on uninoculated controls. This is the ...

New Disease Reports - First report of root rot of stevia caused by Sclerotium rolfsii in India
... areas surveyed. Symptoms first appeared as yellowing and drooping of leaves, with wilting of plants and white cottony mycelial growth at the collar region (Fig. 1). The mycelial growth ... at 70%. The plants were assessed 30 days after planting. Inoculated plants developed typical symptoms on leaves, stem and roots, and S. rolfsii was consistently re-isolated. Uninoculated plants did not show ...
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OSU Nematode Testing Service
... that they can significantly increase incidence and severity of potato early dying (Verticillium wilt). Plants infected with Pratylenchus penetrans are more susceptible to invasion by the early dying disease ... vinifera vines inoculated with 1000 eggs/100 cc was significantly lower than that of uninoculated vines. Vitis vinifera cv. Columbard is susceptible (Reprod ratio = .05), but V. champinii cv. ...

... 1995, we have explored the potential for chemical control by preventing crown infections of young plants. Our research and that of others clearly shows that most infections occur through the crown ... with six replications. Plots were single rows 30 ft long and all plots except the uninoculated controls were inoculated at the 4 leaf stage with 14 grams / plot of ground barley ...

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