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tulip botany

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Tom Volk's Fungi, including mycology, molds, morels, fungus, IAQ, Indoor Air Quality and much more.
... my pages all these years. Visit his Botany Instructional Technology web page at You'll be very impressed. ... Info for teachers Images of Fungi intro to Fungi Botany Instructional page Links CV Schedule Health Update Contact Tom Volk ... Tuber gibbosum, the Oregon white truffle. Urnula craterium, the black tulip fungus. Ustilago maydis, corn smut or huitlacoche -- that's right ...

Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month Pages
... of the summer solstice. With co-author Rebecca Curland May 2005 Urnula craterium, the black tulip fungus. Apr. 2005 Gymnopilus spectabilis, waraitake, big laughing Gym, a hallucinogenic mushroom. with co-author ...

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