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Tricyrtis - toad lily
... not Tricyrtis formosana and Tricyrtis formosana stolonifera are the same plant. Some say that Tricyrtis f. stolonifera is more robust and hardy than the species. Others say there is no difference. Tricyrtis ... may be caused by a virus. Zones 5 - 9. Tricyrtis 'Raspberry Mousse' is a virus infected selection of Tricyrtis hirta. Tricyrtis 'Dark Beauty' is an especially tall variety, easily reaching 4 ...

... very pleasantly surprised. The first variety I got, shown here, is Tricyrtis hirta Albo-marginata. It blooms very late, sometimes even after the ... up close and appreciate the funky, orchid-like flowers. This toadlily, Tricyrtis latifolia, was given to me by friends. As you can see, ... the ground. I'm not positive, but I believe this is Tricyrtis hirta. It has the purple and white flowers typical of the ...

Toad Lilies: The Genus Tricyrtis
... Tricyrtis Toad Lilies: The Genus Tricyrtis Ask any group of gardeners why plants in the genus Tricyrtis are called "toad lilies" and ... in reference to the spotting on the leaves of several species. Tricyrtis species are all herbaceous plants growing from a rhizomatous ... very few people know of his work with Tricyrtis. I have been working with Tricyrtis 'Dr. Hiraos Strain', crosssing , selecting and ...

Paghat's Garden: Tricyrtis formosana 'Gilt Edge'
... Edge' Taiwanese Toad Lily "Where flowers bloom, so does hope." -Lady Bird Johnson, b. 1912 Tricyrtis formosana 'Gilt Edge' toad lily was developed in Japan & introduced to American gardeners by Dan ...

Paghat's Garden: Tricyrtis formosana 'Samurai'
... the power Of outward change, there blooms a deathless flower." -Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) Tricyrtis formosana (formerly T. stolonifera) is presently the most gardened Toad Lily, & 'Samurai' the most ... keep quite about rather than correct? And in the meantime, as other species of Tricyrtis were introduced to gardeners, & cultivars developed, the name Toad Lily stuck, celebrating its ...
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Tricyrtis -- Plant Delights Nursery Catalog Page 100
... fl. oz (709.77 ml) #03963 $15.00 Tricyrtis hirta 'Minazuki' (Minazuki Toad Lily) Light ShadeZone: 4-8 20" tall Origin: Japan Tricyrtis 'Minazuki' (not to be confused with 'Miyazaki') is a ... .77 ml) #06541 $18.00 Tricyrtis macrantha (Weeping Golden Tricyrtis) Light Shade to ShadeZone: 4-8a 12" tall Origin: Japan Web-Only! Growing off shaded rocky cliffs, Tricyrtis macrantha is best viewed from ...

Information about Tricyrtis: The Toad Lilies
... Farm - Gardening Begins Here Tricyrtis: The Toad Lilies INFORMATION ABOUT TRICYRTIS: THE TOAD LILIES... By: Nikki Phipps There are about 20 species in the genus Tricyrtis. These Asian natives inhabit the ... "cuckoo," most likely in reference to the spotting on the flowers of several species. Tricyrtis species are all herbaceous plants growing from rhizomes. Toad lilies are extremely hardy perennials ...

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... T: Tricyrtis about dmoz | suggest URL | update listing | become an editor | report abuse/spam | help the entire directory only in T/Tricyrtis Top: Home: Gardening: Plants: T: Tricyrtis (2) Description See also: Home: Gardening: Plants: Perennials (33) Farmyard Nurseries: Tricyrtis - Welsh nursery, national collection holder for tricyrtis, ...

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Open Directory - Home:Gardening:Plants:T:Tricyrtis home | help Top: Home: Gardening: Plants: T: Tricyrtis Information about growing plants in genus Tricyrtis (most of which are commonly known as toad lilies) in the home garden. Copyright 1998-2005 Netscape Last update: 20:56 PT, Tuesday, March 8, 2005 - edit
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