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training wires

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... --Palmette --Fence Patterns -Informal Patterns Supporting Espaliers Attaching Espaliers to Masonry Walls Planting and Training Espaliers General Care -Pruning -Fertilization -Diseases and Insects Trimming Tips for Lateral Growth ... a screen, a free-standing support framework consisting of sturdy terminal posts with wires stretched taut between can be constructed. Most informal or free-form and some ...

Deciduous Fruit for North Florida
... bunch and muscadine) CULTIVATION AND MULCHING PRUNING AND TRAINING -Training Systems --Begin training at planting time --The modified central leader system --The open-center system --Training other fruit trees -Pruning in Early or ... canes on the trellis by tying and by lifting and drooping canes over the wires. Remove all old canes soon after harvest season. The semi-erect type of blackberry ...