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Townsendia exscapa
Townsendia exscapa Townsendia exscapa Species: Townsendia exscapa Growth habit: Size of plant not in bloom: 7.5 cm Flower colour: white to light pink Height in bloom: Bloom time: Exposure: full sun Soil: gritty scree Top-dressing or mulch: pea stone Special conditions: Propagation: Germination: easy How long in current location & conditions?: Other: Photos and data submitted by: CL

Townsendia condensata
... Townsendia condensata Townsendia condensata Species: Townsendia condensata Growth habit: rosette Size of plant not in bloom: 3 cm Flower colour: very ...
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My SPGM gallery
... ] Penstemon [16 pictures] Primula [6 pictures] Pulsatilla [3 pictures] Saxifaga [9 pictures] Saxifraga [5 pictures] Townsendia [2 pictures] Trillium [55 pictures] Woodland plants [13 pictures] FloraPix SPGM Gallery by Eric Gouda ...

Angiosperm Families - Compositae Giseke
... , Thespidium, Thespis, Thevenotia, Thiseltonia, Thurovia, Thymophylla, Thymopsis, Tiarocarpus, Tietkensia, Tithonia, Tolbonia, Tolpis, Tomentaurum, Tonestus, Tourneuxia, Townsendia, Tracyina, Tragopogon, Traversia, Trichanthemis, Trichanthodium, Trichocline, Trichocoronis, Trichocoryne, Trichogonia, Trichogoniopsis, Trichogyne, Tricholepis, Trichoptilium, Trichospira, Tridactylina ...

University and Jepson Herbaria: John L. Strother
... for generic treatments: Laënnecia, pp. 35–38; Rigiopappus, pp. 48–49; Tracyina, p. 50; Townsendia, pp. 193–203; Conyza, pp. 348–350; Grindelia, pp. 424–436 (with M. A. Wetter ...

MEKA keys from the Jepson Manual
... Solidago Sonchus Sphaeromeria Stebbinsoseris Stenotus Stephanomeria Stylocline Syntrichopappus Tagetes Tanacetum Taraxacum Tetracoccus Tetradymia Thermopsis Tonestus Townsendia Tragopogon Trimorpha Tropidocarpum Tuctoria Veratrum Verbesina Viguiera Wyethia Xanthium Xylorhiza
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Alpine Garden Society
... Thylacospermum Thymelaea Thymus Thysanotus Tianschaniella Tiarella Tienshan Tigridia Tile Tilia Tillaea Tofieldia Tolpis Tomlinson Tordylium Townsendia Tracheliopsis Trachelium Trachycarpus Trachymene Trachystemon Tradescantia Tragopogon Traunsteinera Trechonaetes Tremacron Trevesia Trichinium Trichocereus Trichomanes Trichosanthes ...

Margaret Menzel Award
... Columbia For her paper "Genetic, morphological and ecological variationwithin and between two Southern Utah endemics, Townsendia aprica and T. jonesii var. lutea (Asteraceae). Her co-author was Jeanette Whitton. 2001 - Briana ...

Botanical Society of America Awards 2003
... her paper “Genetic, morphological and ecological variation within and between two Southern Utah endemics, Townsendia aprica and T. jonesii var. lutea (Asteraceae). Her co-author was Jeanette Whitton. Maynard Moseley ...
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CalFlora Common Name Index T
... threadleaf ragwort toothed spurge tufted Townsend daisy tall wheatgrass threadleaf sedge toothed wild onion tufted townsendia tall woolly buckwheat threadleaf snakeweed toothed willow dock tufted wirelettuce tall woolly-marbles threadstalk speedwell ...

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