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Thyme - It's Uses as a Culinary Herb
... Cooking Fresh thyme can usually found during the summer months, but dried thyme is available year round at most grocery stores. Dried thyme ... Provence and bouquet garni. Fresh thyme has the most flavor used whole, with the stem. Thyme is included in seasoning blends ... lamb and veal as well as in eggs and croquettes. Thyme if often paired with tomatoes. Contact Us | Other Information | Privacy Policy ...

How to Grow Thyme
... employed in the preparation of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine for centuries. French Thyme, English Thyme, Caraway Thyme, German Thyme, and Lemon Thyme are a few of the most common varieties. The pungency depends on the variety chosen. Common thyme is the strongest, lemon thyme is less pungent ...
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The Gardener's Network : How to Grow Thyme Herb Plants
... addition to being an attractive flower, Thyme is also fragrant when in bloom. Growing 8-12 inches, Thyme has grayish leaves and woody stems. ... magnets to bees. Set containers away from the patio door. Propagation: Thyme are grown from seed. Start them indoors six weeks before the ... replant it. How to Grow Thyme: Like most herbs, Thyme is easy to grow. They prefer full sun. Thyme thrives in a variety of ...

The Official Seed Starting Home Page - Thyme
... The Official Seed Starting Home Page - Thyme Your Weekly Electronic Gardening Guide Practical Horticulture for Busy People. Thyme About This Plant... Family: Labiatae Genus and species: Thymus vulgaris Plant type: perennial Height ...

... Thyme THYME These tiny-leaved, wide-spreading perennials make a good and inexpensive ground cover. They can ... before and during flowering to hang-dry. There are many different thyme species and varieties with self descriptive names: silver thyme, lemon thyme, and golden thyme to name a few. Return to Herb Homepage

Herbal Garden Archives - Thyme
... and used in both perfumery and flavoring applications. The essential oil has useful antioxidant activity. Thyme is also regarded as a medicinal herb with antispasmodic, expectorant and flatulence-reducing action. ... give flavor to meat and meat products, condiments, relishes, soups and gravies. Thyme is an ingredient in mixed herbs. Lemon thyme is often used to flavor fish dishes. The essential oil ...

... Thyme Pink Chintz Thyme Lime Thyme White Moss Thyme Mint Thyme Heretus Thyme Woolly Thyme Lavender Thyme Hall's Woolly Thyme Silver Needle Thyme Coconut Thyme Reiter's Thyme Lemon Frost Thyme Creeping Pink Thyme Caraway Thyme Doone Valley Thyme Loveyanus Thyme ...

Thyme fine herbs and other exceptional plants [ Home ] [ Return to What We Sell Return to Culinary Herbs ] Information coming soon Pete's Herbs 5920 Chisolm Road Johns Island, SC 29455 843 559-1446

The Tasteful Garden - Thyme Growing
... Thyme and Lemon Thyme -- Thymes are also a very large family of plants and they are used for their distinctive flavor that brings cooking to a different level. French Thyme, English Thyme, German Thyme, and Lemon Thyme are just a few but are the most common varieties. Some creep ...

Late summer is time for thyme
... at nurseries. "There's common thyme that forms small bushes, low-growing silver thyme, mat-forming caraway thyme that truly smells and tastes like caraway, lemon thyme in varieties that grow ... culinary varieties are narrow-leaf French thyme (Thymus vulgaris cv.), broadleaf English thyme, lemon thyme (T. x citriodorus), and "mother of thyme" (T. praecox ssp. arcticus). Thyme is rich in history. "It ...

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