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therese bugnet

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Therese Bugnet granddaughter X Will Alderman
... Therese Bugnet granddaughter X Will Alderman This is a 1999 Therese Bugnet granddaughter X Will Alderman cross. It flowered while still in the sunroom. It has a ...

MartFXThereBugnet 1999 Martin Frobisher daughter X Therese Bugnet granddaughter seedling that flowered while still in the sunroom. It has a very sweet smell. Return to seedling menu page.

Therese Bugnet
... Therese Bugnet web hosting domain names photo sharing Therese Bugnet Rugosa Hybrid The pink blossoms on Therese Bugnet are semi double to double and about 3 to 4 inches across. It blooms very ... is still pretty with its red canes showing. Here is a particularly fluffy bloom of Therese Bugnet. Copyright (C) C Netter 1995 web hosting • domain names • video sharing online games ...

seedling menu page
... Therese Bugnet granddaughter) Therese Bugnet granddaughter X Will Alderman Folksinger daughter Folksinger granddaughter Carefree Beauty X William Baffin Heritage X William Baffin, Great Granddaughter of Therese Bugnet ...

... HansaX#32 This is a first year (1999) seedling, Hansa X (Therese Bugnet granddaughter). The picture was taken September 3, 1999. Hansa is a very interesting mother. Many ...

tbugnetoct This is a great granddaughter of Therese Bugnet. This was taken in October of 1998 when this seedling was only several months old (I germinated all spring and into the summer). Return to seedling menu page.

... first bloom contest are the commercial Canadian Government rose Culbert Grant and one of my Therese Bugnet granddaughter seedlings.

The DelChester Rose Society: 2006 Rose Show Results
... Best Hybrid Tea Spray. ARS Certificate. Garden Party June Hament Best Classic Shrub ARS Certificate. Therese Bugnet Bill & Kathy Kozemchak Best Modern Shrub ARS Certificate. Lyda Rose Pam Coath Genesis Award. ARS ...

Top Exhibition Shrubs
... Frau Dagmar Hartopp 4 new 4t Jens Munk 4 new 4t Prosperity 4 new 4t Therese Bugnet 4 new Classic Shrubs - 2004 Rank Trophies Change 1 Ballerina 16 (+2) 2t Dortmund 7 ...

Local Rose Show Results
... , Mary Jane Fl Spray Lavaglut Grimsley, Peggy Poly Spray Margo Koster Lorenzen, Fred Classic Shrub Therese Bugnet Shanley, Patricia Modern Shrub Sally Holmes Marr, Nancy Climber Lace Cascade Castillo, Angel Dowager Belle ...