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terminal pinna

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Adiantaceae [First Draft]
... same shape with lower ones, but gredually becoming smaller and smaller up to end; terminal pinna small, obtriangular, outer margins rounded and 2-5 lobed, bases cuneate. Veins multi- ... reflexed, upper pinnae same shape with mid ones but gradually becoming smller and smaller, terminal pinna subflabellate, upper margns parted, bases cuneate. Veins Multi-dichotomous forked, visible on both sides. ...

Athyriaceae [First Draft]
... at margin; upper pinnae gradually shortened, similar to the basals or a little narrowed; terminal pinna lanceolate. Veins pinnate in segments, veinlets simple or forked. Laminae herbaceous when dried, ... surfaces. Sori small, round, usually only one row between midrib and margin in a pinna; indusia broadly ovate, membranous, persistent. Perispore surface more dense spine-like ornamentation, spine- ...
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Key to Native and Naturalized Genera of Ingeae
... pinna-pair. 20. Terminal and axillary resting-buds ovoid, composed of firm, brown, closely imbrictate, striately nerved perules. 21. Specimen in flower: 22. Capitula organized in an efoliate terminal ... stems, or not infrequently aggregated into lateral efoliate pseudoracemes or efoliate terminal panicles...............................27 27. Specimen in flower. 28. Units of inflorescence evidently ...

Hardy Ferns:
... evergreen Fronds: Lance-shaped blade; pinnate-pinnatified; leathery; small dark spot at base of each pinna; pinnae are layered up the frond like stair steps; stipes and rachises are shaggy with ... , narrow fronds; pinnules are squared; short pinnae; Cambrensis; Cristata: 2 to 4'; fine terminal crest and tightly crested pinna tips; also known as The King Additional Image List by Scientific Name | List ...

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