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temporary waterlogging

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... sent up new shoots which fruited 2 years later. Guavas can take considerable neglect, withstanding temporary waterlogging and very high temperatures. They tend to bear fruit better in areas with a definite ... well-drained soil in the pH range of 5 to 7. The tree will take temporary waterlogging but will not tolerate salty soils. Irrigation: Guavas have survived dry summers with no water ...

... the mineral soil. Earthworms are absent. Muck- Highly decomposed organic material formed under conditions of waterlogging, with few recognizable remains of the original plants. Mull- A soil whose upper mineral ... of a dichotomy. Taungya method- The raising of a forest crop in conjunction with a temporary agricultural crop. Taxon- Any formal taxonomic group such as genus, species, or variety. Tepal- ...