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taxon editors

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... all Association members and is the governing body of the project. It consists of (1) taxon editors, each of whom is responsible for soliciting and editing treatments of blocks of families; (2 ... /bfna/bfnamenu.htm) of BFNA authors' research, and will coordinate the activities of BFNA taxonomic editors and reviewers. It will focus of providing all BFNA participants with the management means for ...

Newsletter - Volume 18, No. 1
... centers and more taxon editors are needed. The initial assignment of taxa to particular editors has to be revised and the load spread among more people. Also, editors already assigned have to ... for editors may include, among others, expenditures directly related to their FNA work (phone, paper, etc.). Authors submit their request (budget and justification) to their taxon editor. The taxon editor ...
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... publication as bound volumes by Oxford University Press. This Web site is for the authors, editors and reviewers of the BFNA, and also for the public, which supports the work and ... St. Louis is crewed by Richard H. Zander, Lead Editor, and Patricia M. Eckel, Illustrator. Taxon Editors are Claudio Delgadillo M., UNAM, Mexico City; Terry McIntosh, University of British Columbia, Vancouver; Lloyd ...

Hunt Institute: Guidelines for Contributors to Huntia
... R. E. Reed. 1968. Livestock-Poisoning Plants of Arizona. Tucson: University of Arizona Press. Editors Allaby, M., ed. 1985. The Oxford Dictionary of Natural History. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ... longer title. Schmid, R. 1992. B-P-H/S: Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum/Supplementum. [Review.] Taxon 41(3): 624. Conference proceedings, technical reports, speeches, lectures Refer to citation style for ...

Tree of Life Structure
... for a given group of organisms. Notes are reviewed by ToL editors before publication, but unlike ToL articles they are not subject ... can become a treehouse builder. Treehouses are reviewed by ToL editors before publication, but they are not subject to the page status ... of the dinosaurs. Please refer to Interpreting the Tree Diagram or Taxon List on a Tree of Life Page for more information about ...

University and Jepson Herbaria: Don R. Reynolds
... against Leptoxyphium and the name C. fumago with a conserved type (Ascomycota, mitosporic Euascomycetes). Taxon 50: 1183. Faull, J.L., I. Olenik,. M. Ingrouille & D.R. Reynolds. 2001. A ... Problems and perspectives in the nineties. Plenum Press. Reynolds, D.R. & J.W. Taylor. 1993. (Editors) The fungal holomorph: Mitotic, meiotic and pleomorphic speciation in fungal systematics. Chapter 2. The ...

University and Jepson Herbaria: John L. Strother
... (FNANM). In addition to his general coördination of treatments as one of three taxon-editors for Compositae, as a contributor to the flora, Dr. Strother wrote treatments for 119 ... , leads Jepson workshops of Compositae. Selected Publications: 2001. Nomenclatural status of Carphobolus (Compositae: Vernonieae). Taxon 50:191–192. Revision of Corethrogyne (Compositae: Astereae). Madroño 47:89–96. ...
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Australian Plant Census
... abbreviations refer to distribution in the various States and Territories for each taxon. Unless specifically labelled (naturalised) the taxon is considered to be native in each area listed. AR = Ashmore ... sites: < > Families treated by the APC Coordinator and APNI editors List of families and month of treatment. Updated 23 November, 2006

IAPT - Registration Database
... thus recommended. At present, dates must have the form mm/dd/yyyy. Registered name Higher taxon name Publication (part of string) Author abbr. Publication Type (part of string) Registr. date (mm ... Association for Plant Taxonomy. Page layout and query design last updated March 09, 2006 WWW-Editors

Taxon Manuscript Administration
... Taxon Manuscript Administration Dear Visitor, Welcome to the home of the Manuscript Administration. IAPT and start ... of Taxon. Please log in: Username: Password: How to obtain information on manuscripts: Please enter your user account name sent by the editors of . Please enter your password sent by the editors of ...

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