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tarnished plant bug

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Dendranthema (Chrysanthemum)
... Soil: well-drained Light: sun Pests and problems: leaf spots, stunt virus, spider mites, aphids, tarnished plant bug, foliar nematodes and leaf miner; many more in greenhouses including other viruses and thrips Landscape ...

... , will tolerate dry Light: sun Pests and problems: botrytis blight, stem rot, viruses, aphids, beetles, tarnished plant bug, scales, caterpillars, root knot nematode Landscape habit, uses: massing, borders, containers, hanging baskets, groundcover, walls ...

... part shade Pests and problems: tuber rots, wilts, viruses, botrytis mold, aphids, thrips, leaf hoppers, tarnished plant bug, stalk borer (most common pest, others less common) Landscape habit, uses: borders massed or as ... ; force bud growth by planting a few days in moist peat moss prior to planting; plant 8" deep; remove all but one shoot for maximum flower size; avoid high nitrogen fertilizer ...