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tarnished plant bug

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Growing Peaches and Nectarines in the Home Landscape, HYG-1406-98
... to three years. Refer to OSU Extension Fact Sheet HYG-1132-97 for more information. Plant your tree in the spring in the center of your prepared area. Keep the bud ... without an effective pest control program. Common insects and mites affecting peaches and nectarines include tarnished plant bug, stink bug, oriental fruit moth, plum curculio, peach tree borers, Japanese beetle, green June beetle, and ...

Oil and Other Early Season Sprays for Apple and Pear Trees, HYG-1425-93
... green colored aphids that are much less serious. The spray at pink also helps control tarnished plant bug, which makes dimples in the fruit surface. Figure 4. After bloom. Figure 5. Pink bud ... 6). Figure 6. Full bloom. The most effective means of controlling apple scale is to plant scab resistant apple cultivars. Many of these cultivars have resistance to other diseases as well ...