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tall origin hybrid

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May 2003 Newsletter
... The 1900’s marked the beginning of the era of the Hybrid Teas, which are still the most popular rose, although new shrub ... Rosa gallica maxima, ‘Splendens’, ‘Apothecary’s Rose’, ‘Red Rose of Lancaster’) – ancient origin.  Rosa gallica maxima is a well-know and beloved variety.  ... Sackville-West at Sissinghurst in 1947.  It reaches 2-3’ tall and sports semi-double flowers in rich plum-color with gold ...

June 2003 Newsletter
... in partial shade. ‘Jacobite Rose’ (aka Rosa alba ‘Maxima’) – ancient origin.  Rosa alba ‘Maxima’ can grow up to 7 feet tall, with graceful, arching branches.  The flowers are pure white and ... Wilmington Cape Fear Rose Society member Winners: Single Hybrid Tea: "Dainty Bess" by Patti & Bill Hartzell Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora Spray: "Gemini" by Ed & Lenna Easter Hybrid Tea Cycle of Bloom: "Timeless" by ...

Doug's Way With Roses
... to the watering system. The pruning recommendations I give are basically for hybrid tea and grandiflora roses, and are intended primarily for the beginning ... prune is usually dictated by the size of the existing plant. Tall, robust growers I prune high (up to 36'), while weak growers ... eye, or completely remove a frozen cane to its point of origin to encourage the formation of a new one. Don't be ...