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sweet coltsfoot

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Growing vegetables on Leeds allotments - Weeds and Weeding
... in the markets (the roots, I read, have a sweet taste, somewhat resembling liquorice, and can be dried and ... have the invasives - couch grass, nettles, creeping thistle, creeping buttercup, coltsfoot, dock, dandelion, and nettles. They won't disappear, ... invasion from the bramble patch next door), creeping thistle and coltsfoot (also brittle, less contorted, and often in "clumps"), couch grass (NOT ...

Growing vegetables on Leeds allotments - Diary, November 2003
... 's all the better for a few surprises. In one bed, fresh soil becomes a sweet herby chamomile; in another, clean, fresh spearmint. And in one bed, a definite aroma of ... spot where my soil is very clay-ey - which gave me the clue; it's coltsfoot, Tussilago farfara. Thick, large fleshy leaves, heart-shaped, and hairy underneath. What had thrown me ...